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Chapter 2 About JENESYS 2.0

JENESYS stands for, Japan East Asia Region Network Exchange for Youths and Students, from this we can derive that this program will be held in Japan, the scale will be ASEAN and Japan, with purpose of network exchange, and targeted participants will be youths and students. The term 2.0 means it's the second program of JENESYS which means there was this program before.

This program was conducted by JICE (Japan International Coorperation Center). JICE was established in March, 1977. Its main activities include: the management of international training courses for trainees from developing countries; youth exchange programs; assistance for students from overseas; and dispatching international cooperation personnel. In addition to 220 members of permanent and temporary staff, 1080 specialists of 31 languages belong to JICE, playing important roles in their respective fields such as technical trainings, international exchange, and Japanese language lessons (JICE, 2013).

The objectives of this program are (JICE, 2013):

  1. To raise awareness of the university students of ASEAN member countries towards ASEAN Integration and ASEAN Economic Integration and to let the young generations of Japan to deepen the understanding of ASEAN countries and AEC (ASEAN Economic Community).
  2. To learn about the activities of Japan and the key success factors for the economic revitalization in each area and to utilize the ideas for the economic development of each ASEAN member country.
  3. To establish the AEC Youth Network to be given the function as a hub linking the young generation of the ASEAN member states and Japan for the future cooperation of the mutual benefit. For that purpose, the active dialogue of the mission members of the youth from the ASEAN countries and the youth of Japan is enhanced.
  4. ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) are setting for the Integration in 2015 with the three pillars; ASEAN Politico-Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.