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JENESYS 2.0 is the second program of Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths where the participants are from 10 countries in ASEAN. The program that I followed was 3rd Batch. The participants are divided from Group A – L with each group consist of 30 participants with variety of 3 people from each 10 ASEAN countries. I belong to J group and have my program in Fukouka where other groups went to other places throughout Japan. The participants are also divided into 3 categories which are “Arts, Creative Works & Culture”, “Economics & Social Sciences”, and my category “Science & Technology”.

This program was conducted by JICE (Japan International Coorperation Center). It is to prepare for the Integration in 2015 with the three pillars; ASEAN Politico-Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (JICE, 2013).

I found in Japan that the city is well organized where business, residential, government, are centralized and seperated from each other. Everywhere in Japan I find the place free of rubbish. Their recycling management is great as well. In Oki Town the wastes are divided in 25 variety and 97% of the wastes are recycled. I also that the Japanese people I met are welcoming. There are different cultures in each area. I also found the people are very discipline and strict with time, in other words punctual. The services in every shop I've been are extraordinary. The clerks always smile, always greet every person that arrive and leave the shop. As expected Japan is high tech. The technology I saw in Toyota Motor Kyushu is very high. They're also working on green energy now days to reduce pollution generated by plants, and they're aiming for zero pollution.

What I will do after this program is promoting Japan and ASEAN through ICT (Information Communication Technology). First I will promote websites of ASEAN and Japan here in Indonesia. Second I will establish links with my friends here in Indonesia to friends that I made from ASEAN and Japan on this program through free Medias and social Medias such as Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and final phase Skype or other video calling service. Third I will also upload this report to my blog as way of sharing my experience in Japan of this program.

So through this I hope integration between ASEAN, and ASEAN to Japan can be established. The flow of investment will be accelerated. If this is relized our relation in daily lifes will be expanded, wisdom will be expanded. In the end I hope we can interract with ASEAN countries and Japan like interracting with our neighbours daily.