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Chapter 5 Conclusion

I learned from this program that there will be integration of ASEAN and Japan in 2015. From this program we’re given a role to prepare for the integration. I already kept in touch with the friends I have made from ASEAN and Japan on this program through Facebook. I also have promoted the websites about ASEAN and Japan to some of my friends, and I have started to introduce my friends from ASEAN and Japan to my friends in Indonesia through Facebook. I will continue to establish links between my friends in Indonesia to my friends in ASEAN countries and Japan through Twitter, Pidgin Multimessenger for chatting, and finally Skype or through other video call services. Not to forget I will continue to promote and introduce this to more of my friends. I will share my experience through this report other than verbally. Once I finished writing this chapter I will upload it to my blog

My summary experience in Japan is that Japan is high tech country. The people are very welcoming, discipline especially in the field of punctuality. The services I found there everywhere is very warm hearted. They would greet anyone that comes in the shop and leaving the shop and they will always smile. The city management is very well organized where business district, residential area, and government are seperated and centralized. The city is clean which is no garbage found anywhere.

Just one thing I find missed on this program is involving Japanese participants. There were participants from 10 different countries in ASEAN but there were no Japanese participants.