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Chapter 1 Introduction

JENESYS stands for Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths. So the program JENESYS 2.0 batch 3 was held in Japan. The participants are University students from ASEAN countries with each countriy sent approximately 40 participants. The purpose of this program is to establish strong relationship between ASEAN countries, and ASEAN to Japan for the upcoming AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) 2015.

There are 10 countries participating which were Brunei Darusalam, Cambodja, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philipin, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The participants were divided into 3 categories which are “Economics & Social Sciences”, “Arts, Creative Works & Culture”, and “Science & Technology”. All participants are divided into 12 groups with each group had 30 participants from 10 different countries, with 3 people from the same countries. Every group was dispersed throughout Japan. Group A & B went to Gifu, group C & D went to Mie, group E & F went to Kyoto, group G & H went to Nara, group I & J went to Fukuoka, group K went to Nagasaki, and group L went to Kumamoto. The program was from 23 June until 30 June, for a week.

I belong in J group, in category of science and technology. With I group we went to Fukuoka. On the first day I arrive at Narita International Airport. I spent the rest of this day at Hotel Nikko Narita. There I was given orientation of the program and met my other group members. On the second day we're in Tokyo and heard a lecture by ASEAN-Japan Center. On the third day we went to Fukuoka by airplane. We went to Ohori Park and experience Noh Play. On the fourth day we heard a lecture by NEXT Systems, Co., Ltd and Fukuoka Prefectural Government. On the fifth day we heard a lecture at Oki Town Sustainable Centre “Kururun”, visited Toyota Motor Kyushu, heard a lecture about agricultural produce in Asakura, and have a home visit with local residents in Asakura City. On the sixth day we visited Kyushu Institute of Technology to have a lecture about the Institute, have a discussion we local undergraduate students, and had a workshop there for presentaion for the next day. The seventh day we returned to Tokyo and went to Gardem City Chiba to presentate our action plan after this program. Finally we returned to our own country the next day.

The schedule for this group overall was mostly about knowing Japan and Fukuoka, and had an update of the latest technology. The most important thing on this program is the links that we have established among our friends from different countries and friends from Japan.