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Download XAMPP on , and install. Open the control panel if already install, apache and mysql is necessary for localhost.

Figure 1. XAMPP control Panel version 3.1.0

Open your browser and type http://localhost, if succeeded it should look like below.

Figure 2. XAMPP Localhost frontpage

Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin Go to database and add your moodle's database.

Figure 3. adding moodle's database

Extract your downloaded moodle folder to C:xampphtdocs

Figure 4. extracting moodle folder to localhost

On your browser open http://localhost/moodle Follow the installation.

Figure 5. moodle installation part 1
Figure 6. moodle installation part 2
Figure 7. moodle installation part 3
Figure 8. moodle installation part 4
Figure 9. moodle installation part 5
Figure 10. moodle installation part 6
Figure 11. moodle installation part 7

For moodle to be available in local area network open with notepad C:xamppmoodleconfig.php Change the following line :

$CFG->wwwroot   = 'http://localhost/moodle'; to your ip address, $CFG->wwwroot   = '';

DON'T FORGET "http". That was my mistake.

Figure 12. enabling moodle for local area network
Figure 13. moodle for local area network

If you don't know how to configure IP address, go to previous tutorial.