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My IELTS Speaking Script Decades Ago

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This is my script for English speaking practice during my International English Language Testing System (IELTS) course few decades ago. This assignment has never been published anywhere and I, as the author and copyright holder, license this assignment customized CC-BY-SA where anyone can share, copy, republish, and sell on condition to state my name as the author and notify that the original and open version available here.

Part 1

What do you like about your how town/city? [Why?]

What I like most about my home city is there are still lots of green areas. There are still places with lots of trees, lots of plants, grasses, still looks natural and beautiful. These places gives me comfort, I feel at peace. By the way my home is in Bali.

Ofcourse it is, who doesn’t know Bali? When I asked most tourist whether they knew of Indonesia they do not know at all, but when I asked about Bali they knew right away. Ironic isn’t it? Bali is part of Indonesia yet Bali is more famous then the country itself.

Has your home town/city changed much in recent years? [How?]

It changes so much since I returned here. There are buildings now, the local government and its people are trying to make the province more modernize. Back then, there are lots of farms and empty lands available.

Let’s talk about free time now.

How much free time do you normally have? [Why/Why not?]

I can’t say because it’s really random, if you graph it with normal distribution it’ll be a very curve graph. I could say is back then there were almost no free time, what’s worst is I didn’t knew what I was gonna do back then. Almost everyday there are friends, teachers, or any type of clients asking for my help, I don’t even have time to focus on my studies. That’s why I’m late in graduating now.

What do you like doing best in your free time? [Why?]

I practice martial art, I enjoy fighting. If not I’ll escape to a dream world by watching movies, usually Animes, reading comics or mangas, finally what I did most is playing video games where I’m in my own world and be able to do anything I like. It’s a great place to escape harsh reality.

Have your leisure activities changed much since you were young? [Why/Why not?]

It changes drastically, I usually have all the time in the world, now there are lots of request from people and I don’t get to do what I want.

If you had more free time, how would you spend it? [Why?]

I’d use it to pursue my real dream, my real goal. Just a glimpse I want to explore all around the world, experience many interesting events, and fight many battles.

Let’s talk about photos now.

How often do you take photos? [Why/Why not?]

Sometimes I took a lot, sometimes I don’t take at all, depending whether there are interesting stuff happening.

Do you prefer taking photos of people or places? [Why?]

None of them I prefer, it’s whether they are interesting or not.

What do you do with the photos you take? [Why/Why not?]

I saved them in my media storage, if I judged that they’re worthy I’ll upload them to social media.

Do you think the way people take photos is changing? [Why/Why not?]

Without a doubt, it is changing. Back then only certain people possessed cameras and knew how to use them. Today with the advance of technology everyone can afford a camera, even cell phones includes camera in them, and because of the advance features we don’t need training to use it.

Part 2

Describe a situation when someone that you didn’t know helped you. You should say: What the situation was, when and where it happened, how the person helped you. Explain how you felt in that situation.

It all started on my last holiday a few months ago. First I was panning to spend my time training martial arts in the mountain. But it seem my parents have a different plan for me. They applied for a match making couple event. Their reason was it’s because it’s a first time event and it’s a promo. Well they’re always like. The place was called Koibana Onsen, it is a beautiful hotspring with soothing aroma. When I reached there were lots of handsome guys, and so many pretty girls too. I was excited and I think I might be able to pull this off. I was mistaken the staff told the number of guys was odd, I’m an extra since I recently applied, I applied after they organized the event. It’s alright though I’ll just enjoy the view. The event started and everyone paired up, I did spoke to lots people but in the end I chose to give them their private time. Honestly I was jealous and I couldn’t take so I went straight to hill and gazed at the horizon. Then someone came to me. It was one of the staff she’s a pretty girl. She asked me that I could’ve canceled it out, I told her that my parents applied for me and I have no idea in the first place. I said that it’s okay, I’ll just enjoy show. She offered to take a tour of the place with her instead. We looked around I find the place interesting because it’s design for couples to rejuvenate themselves. On dinner I asked everyone whether they have a good time, ofcourse they did. Some of them said of how unfortunate I was. I want to talked with them even longer but looks like it has already been design for a romantic dinner. So the tables are for 2 people. In the end I’m in a table alone. I was bored and fired up, so I took lots and lots of food to my table and it them savagely. I said to everyone else I’m training to eat fast, actually I was hurt deep inside. Then she came again asked me whether she could join the dinner. I then eat normally and listen to her story of this event. The place was first designed to refresh a couple, this event is new to see whether it could make a couple. That’s what I learned from her stories. After dinner it was free private time. I’ve got no one to go out with. I sat alone in the park. She came again said she felt sorry for me. I said I was used to it, it’s alway like this and told her I never have girlfriend in my entire life. She said that she could be my partner for this event. I said no need to force it. The she told me she was jealous and tired that only the customers are having fun while she has to work all the time, she too was always alone. I kinda understand her, I always work hard but didn’t take time for social activities, instead I volunteer to work more so that my friends can go on a date. Looks like she was the same so I accept her. The next I was able to enjoy the event like other applicants, the other staff agree to let her be my partner. That’s how she helped me, she saved me from the world of solitude. After that I often visit her and take part time as well.

And that’s is that, this is a made up story, I got the inspiration from manga Koibana Onsen. This had never happened in my life before, instead it’s my hope. Today I’m still in the world of solitude.

Part 3

What kinds of things can children do to help in the home?

They can help with house works, and some chores. If not, by learning to do something new could also help, it’ll be useful in the future. Learning computers for example, they could help manage the computers later on.

How can children best learn to be helpful to others?

One of the best ways is to give an example and let them follow. To teach them the importance of helping others is not to spoil them and let them experience harshness of life. People likely to grow sympathy if they understand how hard life is, people learn to be kind once they know pain, I think it includes children too.

In what ways can schools encourage children to help the community?

Field excursion, by going straight to the field and show them.

Truly I don’t know, but the current trend is in politics. Now people like to help with the current president election. As for me I mostly organize events, conference, and workshops.

Do all age groups take part in voluntary work?

I don’t know, usually teenagers above. Kids usually go out and play.

How can individuals benefit from doing voluntary work?

In my opinion, it’s experience. For example there are 2 types of people 1 is those who haven’t done voluntary work yet and the other 1 has applied for a job. The 1st type would likely make more mistake and take more time to learn of the job, while the other one would likely make less mistake and take less time. Why? Because the 2nd already learn from their mistake in their voluntary work, since they already have experience they don’t need to learn anymore.

In what ways can voluntary work improve life for the community?

More jobs are done and lessen the burden, plus we could establish more links the simple word make more friends. Most things are easier and fun to do with friends.