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Development of a Lossy Online Mouse Tracking Method for Capturing User Interaction with Web Browser Content

This is a dissertation submitted to Graduate School of Science and Technology, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in Kumamoto University, Japan, on September 2020 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Keywords: computers mouse tracking web browser content interaction lossy compression doctoral dissertation

My Report about PIC16F84A Microcontroller Implementation on Verilog Hardware Description Language

This report is about designing our own PIC16F84A microcontroller system on an Nexys4 FPGA board using Verilog Hardware Description Language.

Keywords: engineering computers FPGA VHDL assignment technology science math

Recent Parallel Processing Computer System Technology

The traditional microprocessor have five instructions which in order are fetch, decode, execute, memory, and write, pipelining to speed up.

Keywords: technology computers parallel processing assignment engineering science math

Summary of Graphene and Graphene Oxide

Some calls it a wonder material only found in a comic book, all due to its amazing properties, stronger than steel, lighter than feather.

Keywords: science material graphene oxide assignment engineering technology math

From Material Discovery to Material Design and The Role of Computers

The old days are material exploration. In the 20th century, atoms were discovered by microscope. Today is the age of designing materials.

Keywords: engineering material exploration design assignment science technology math

My Thought of How to Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals When I was a Young Student

Back then, I was fully into academic and research, and met a friend who did postdoc in many countries which was my inspiration, I changed.

Keywords: academic technology sustainable development goal assignment

Metal Wire Strength Calculation Object Lifting Assignment

You are going to pick up a treasure box 500kg at bottom of a deep hole. You have a long steel wire 30kg/mm2. Can you pick up the box or not?

Keywords: engineering strength metal lifting assignment science technology math

Implementation of real-time online mouse tracking on overseas quiz session From server administrator point of view (pre-print)

The authors developed an application to investigate real-time mouse tracking online. It was implemented on the Moodle learning management system and tested on an online quiz session accessed abroad. Additionally, the application can handle tracking on mobile devices.

Keywords: technology mouse tracking implementation investigation online real time

Using real-time online preprocessed mouse tracking for lower storage and transmission costs

Recording all geometrical data is sometimes unnecessary. The preprocessing that is introduced converts the geometrical data from each x and y point to a region-of-interest concentration, in other words only heat map areas that the analyzer is interested in.

Keywords: technology mouse tracking region of interest online real time

Is Zero Electricity Cost Cryptocurrency Mining Possible? Solar Power Bank on Single Board Computers

The cost of electricity and internet remains a liability in households, but what if there is a method to zero electricity running cost?

Keywords: cryptocurrency litecoin asus tinker board single board computer mining arm cpu mali gpu futurebit moonlander 2 asic usb wattmeter solar panel


Keywords: mouse tracking JavaScript jQuery DOM event HTML CSS


Keywords: doctoral school university research publication journal conference technical paper article manuscript slide