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Time: 2021-07-24 02:33:15 +0000

Factory Reset on Smartphone and Windows and Linux https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmbTTpCijjRA9SEDUP2CCywkgrZiM3wLnY9ZgU2ZaZkxfS/1.HUAWEI-JDN-L01-Factory-Reset.PNG Factory reset is an action of returning a device into its initial state. On Windows is System Restore, and Linux is Time Shift & Systemback. Keywords: computersfactory resetsmartphonewindowslinux

Damaged Disk Data Recovery Safe Practice https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmfEH9tiTiiwBfVypQgLx4hUwxUKdtSmngifWg8hdm49uj/1.4tb-wd-element-external-hd.jpg Directly fixing errors and bad block reallocation may further damage the disk so before that it is highly recommended to clone the disk and recover any data possible. Keywords: computerscloningdata recoveryerrorbad block

Disable or Customize Windows 10 Update also Linux and Android https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmYGijqCfk9ECU6JxJxaMZRdoJUWmdnGmBgjPHkxKjL9hi/0.windows-update-during-presentation.PNG Enable Group Policy Editor, run gpedit, go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Update, Configure Automatic Updates, Disable. Keywords: WindowsupdateautomaticLinuxAndroid

Compress Multiple Image using Windows Resizer and Image Magick Linux https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmaGV4Ng9FXyoHbNxByzSgC54JC9cVGYyHqPmazNdcSj39/multiple-image.PNG Compress multiple image using Windows Image Resizer or Image Magick Linux at once. Keywords: computersmultiple imageWindows Image ResizerImage MagickLinux

Manually Set IP Address Version 4 https://images.blurt.blog/640x0/https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmdrTbQQMtEyPB7DvTPqkAeRgSEbu7wdaCBZT6jPEaAM8a/Setting%20IP%20in%20Windows%2010.png Most common people does not know that IP address is set on the network interface and not in the core system of the computer. Keywords: computer networkip addressversion 4manualsetting

Scanning IP Address Version 4 https://images.blurt.blog/640x0/https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmRdZFLfdPWUT4CPNPP89Ew8cAkDAWCjB69fXCNyoFKMzG/computer-scanning.png When you are handling large computer networks, you probably need an automated IP scanner application. Here I use Angry IP scanner and NMAP. Keywords: computer networkip addressversion 4angry ip scannernmap

Fix Blank Screen Nvidia Optimus Laptop Linux and Cuda https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRW72dqgBZxB4794cfGrKSXHrLMe4i7TGNe9x3x3hDiiy/kalinvidiacuda.png Find a suitable Nvidia driver version, install bumblebee for optimus laptop, and find suitable CUDA version, wrong version will not work. Keywords: Kali LinuxNvidiaCUDAblank screenfix

Trying and Installing Linux Ubuntu Guide https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRW72dqgBZxB4794cfGrKSXHrLMe4i7TGNe9x3x3hDiiy/kalinvidiacuda.png The steps are download Linux, create a bootable drive, start boot menu and bootable drive, try it, and install it either in internal or external drive. Keywords: LinuxUbuntubootableexternalvirtual machineVirtualBoxRufusinternaldiskdriveWindowsEtchercomputerstechnology

PS1 and PS2 emulator available by default in Debian based Linux repository https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmSxQCNoNRJRQcUvZn9cFJVqrTqpd3twKsXdejMRfrnvE5/1.pcsxr-pcsx2.png The pcsxr and pcsx2 emulators are available by default on Debian repository where you only need one command line to install. Keywords: LinuxDebianPlaystationEmulatorGames

Upgrading Old Moodle Guide to Latest Version https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmXc1srkQr2pjvJTnWExNkWJ7UXnqtsskFptusi1uXGHQs/0.moodle-upgrade-path.png I tried several upgrade paths and found one that succeeded which are moodle version 1.x > 1.9 > 2.2 > 2.7 > 2.9 > 3.0 > latest. Keywords: MoodleupgradeLinuxUbuntuserver

Installing Moodle Guide on Windows XAMPP https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmRs1iis8N37QkUrwMCz2oVHSgc14YGGkZhUrx9A9KeAvq/4.moodle-install-first-page.png The difference on the Ubuntu version is the directory location C:xampp\htdocs and GUI control panel and the rest of the process are the same Keywords: MoodleWindowsXAMPPserverlearning management system

Installing Moodle Guide on Debian Based Linux https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmRs1iis8N37QkUrwMCz2oVHSgc14YGGkZhUrx9A9KeAvq/4.moodle-install-first-page.png The steps are installing web and database server, php packages, download moodle files and put into web server directory, and open browser. Keywords: MoodleLinuxUbuntuserverlearning management system

Android Emulator and Operating System for Personal Computer https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmYtBepKKNuPVdfxrn3tRZjfzgX9oD7oXAJxxzjaSH89vL/multiple-android-games-simultaneously.png Here I demonstrate Brave Frontier on Microsoft Store Windows, Bluestacks on Windows, Genymotion on Linux, and Remix OS on personal computer. Keywords: AndroidEmulatorBluestacksGenymotionRemix OSComputersLinuxWindowsVirtualBoxOperating System

Overheated Acer Turns Out That The Fan Was Rusted https://images.blurt.buzz/DQmTvCJhSWLdwXDKiM2zLgfLBsmcYtWnCnEqZbnaTq4x89f/2.cleaning-rusted-fan.gif I feel the laptop each time it boots and finally found the problem that it was overheated. I disassembled it and found the fan to be rusted. Keywords: computerslaptopoverheatfanrustAcertechnology

Common Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship https://images.hive.blog/DQmTXPxvfCKX3wf6pmZZdrvFCc2HEcDg8BLwqDzH5ehUyH9/proxy-vpn-tor-bypassing-censorship-illustration.gif Porn blocked sure, but Reddit and Imgur? What more? The common ways I found are by DNS, proxy, VPN, and TOR. Leave a comment if you know anymore. Keywords: censorship resistanceTORThe Onion RouterWindowsLinuxAndroidDNSproxyVPN

Cara Biasa Melewati Sensor Internet https://images.hive.blog/DQmTXPxvfCKX3wf6pmZZdrvFCc2HEcDg8BLwqDzH5ehUyH9/proxy-vpn-tor-bypassing-censorship-illustration.gif Pornografi diblokir, tetapi Reddit dan Imgur juga? Cara umum yang saya temukan adalah DNS, proxy, VPN, dan TOR. Adakah cara lain? Keywords: anti sensorTORThe Onion RouterWindowsLinuxAndroidDNSproxyVPN

Melewati Sensor dengan TOR https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmT97uBnv3vaTAjFimb77r8FCuAL4cesGBr8XLMChgcUdR/tor-summary.gif Onion Router (TOR) adalah implementasi open source dari perutean bawang untuk anonimitas dan privasi, saya menggunakannya untuk melewati sensor. Keywords: TORThe Onion RouterWindowsLinuxAndroidrelayexitbridgenodeprivasianonimanti sensor

Bypass Censorship By TOR https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmT97uBnv3vaTAjFimb77r8FCuAL4cesGBr8XLMChgcUdR/tor-summary.gif The Onion Router (TOR) is an open source implementation of onion routing for anonymity and privacy, but I use them for bypassing censorship. Keywords: TORThe Onion RouterWindowsLinuxAndroidrelayexitbridgenodeprivacyanonimitycensorship resistance

Melewati Sensor dengan VPN https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmXGJB6ZU7Zib69D8rccnQDVLqnHMXRDjZJyz4EMPi84Yw/bypass-censorship-vpn-illustration.gif Jaringan pribadi virtual (VPN) memperluas jaringan pribadi melintasi jaringan publik. Jika jalur keluar terbuka dapat digunakan untuk melewati sensor. Keywords: vpnvirtual private networkWindowsLinuxAndroidServeropenvpnbittubetunnel bearanti sensor

Bypass Censorship By VPN https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmXGJB6ZU7Zib69D8rccnQDVLqnHMXRDjZJyz4EMPi84Yw/bypass-censorship-vpn-illustration.gif Virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network where if outgoing path is open can also be used to bypass censorship. Keywords: vpnvirtual private networkopenvpnWindowsLinuxAndroidServerbittubeTunnel Bearcensorship resistance

Melewati Sensor dengan Proxy https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmSY1WG1zAcg4T1iK2qKbD76hwSeLqZs17QouwJAvysUuv/Figure%200.%20animation%20of%20how%20I%20see%20proxy%20works.gif Daripada langsung ke alamat tujuan, paket akan pergi ke server proxy dan diproses di sana sebelum pergi ke tujuan Keywords: proxysquidWindows 7LinuxAndroidServerKalianti sensor

Bypass Censorship By Proxy https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmSY1WG1zAcg4T1iK2qKbD76hwSeLqZs17QouwJAvysUuv/Figure%200.%20animation%20of%20how%20I%20see%20proxy%20works.gif Instead of going straight ahead to the destination address the packets turn around to the proxy server and processed there before going to the origin. Keywords: proxysquidWindows 7LinuxAndroidServerKalicensorship resistance

Melewati Sensor dengan DNS https://images.hive.blog/DQmQd8tcM9vNsKfksNrQ9PrXDS4mJDs9NhrYBmAoVPScmeG/Figure%201.%20Simple%20Animation%20of%20DNS.gif Mengubah DNS pada klien juga termasuk yang paling mendasar karena ada banyak server DNS terbuka di luar sana dibandingkan dengan server proxy dan VPN. Keywords: DNSdomain name serviceWindows 7LinuxAndroidServerKalianti sensor

Bypass Censorship By DNS https://images.hive.blog/DQmQd8tcM9vNsKfksNrQ9PrXDS4mJDs9NhrYBmAoVPScmeG/Figure%201.%20Simple%20Animation%20of%20DNS.gif Changing DNS on client is also among the most basic because there are many open DNS server out there compared to proxy and VPN server. Keywords: DNSdomain name serviceWindows 7LinuxAndroidServerKalicensorship resistance

Ikon Hiperlink https://images.hive.blog/DQmNTk8P79Sj4PmhL2ig3na1xSvpV2y9V3VcddHNjtH6YCn/rectangle-icons.PNG Tujuannya adalah untuk mempercantik dan menyederhanakan hyperlink yang ada berdasarkan pepatah satu gambar bisa berarti seribu kata. Keywords: media sosialikonhyperlinkHTMLCSS

Hyperlink Icon https://images.hive.blog/DQmNTk8P79Sj4PmhL2ig3na1xSvpV2y9V3VcddHNjtH6YCn/rectangle-icons.PNG The purpose in my opinion is to beautify and simplify hyperlinks where there is a saying that a single picture can mean a thousand words. Keywords: social mediaiconhyperlinkHTMLCSS

Membuat Kata Sandi yang Kuat https://images.hive.blog/640x0/https://images.hive.blog/DQmYYfPwxpRxWnLtoriCGpiNX7sds4V4vSxECC74zS47Hk8/have-i-been-pawned-password.png Kata sandi yang kuat berisi huruf kecil, huruf kapital, angka, simbol, lebih dari 6 karakter. Yang super berisi simbol bukan di keyboard Keywords: passwordbrute forcehave I been pawnedaccountsocial engineering

Creating Strong Passwords https://images.hive.blog/DQmcVwQPSHrJi7aTZZuia742y939sPgx1d5Whr2DYNinSSb/have-i-been-pawned-email.png Strong password contains small letters, capital letters, numbers, symbol, more than 6 characters. Super ones contain symbols not on keyboard Keywords: passwordbrute forcehave I been pawnedaccountsocial engineering

Simple Introduction to Computer Network and the Internet https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmdCkdN8ER3tp62vxbdfT8vcjRXgWA5E9Ff4cgpotFn7DZ/Figure%202.%20Sample%20Network%20Simulation.png Objective is simulate Local Area Network (LAN). Simulate Wide Area Network (WAN). Common services of The Internet. Design your simple cloud. Keywords: computerCOREdefault routeDHCPDNSdynamic routeInternetLANnetworksimulationstatic routeWANweb

Pengantar Senderhana Terhadap Internet dan Jaringan Komputer https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmXMqg8ktTEpQqKKHZEFxb7zDj2emRXi27ksLpM3oTRGsM/Figure%204.5%20Dig%20the%20domain%20name.png Mensimulasikan Local Area Network (LAN). Mensimulasikan Wide Area Network (WAN). Layanan umum Internet. Rancang cloud sederhana Anda. Keywords: DHCPDNSInternetjaringan komputerLANP2Prouting dinamisrouting statisWANweb

Anonymity, Borderless, Decentralization, Privacy, Uncensorship.

Keywords: anonymityborderlessdecentralizationprivacycensorshipInternetnetworkfreedomcontentwebsitevideoplatformmediadnsproxyvpntorblockchainIPFSblog

Try Gambling For Free on Crypto Gambling Sites

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Bypass Censorship by Tor

Keywords: Androidblocksbridgebrowserbypasscensorshipdarknetdeepwebexithidden wikiLinuxRelaytortorifytorsockswikileaksWindows

Bypass Censorship by Proxy

Keywords: bypasscensorshipInternetLinuxnetworkProxyProxy Setting on PCsquidUbuntuwebwebproxy.to

Bypass Censorship by DNS

Keywords: bypasscensorship. blocksDNSdomainnameserversetting DNSPCWindows