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Time: 2021-10-15 17:27:52 +0000

My Blogger Income August 2021 A New Daily Routine


I stopped daily blogging because it is stressing me out and instead I begun early as a DeFi developer but I still keep short daily routines.

Keywords: cryptocurrencybloggingincomedailyroutineself employed

My Blogger Income July 2021 Preparing Materials for New Crypto Users


Wrote a quick guide and gave a seminar in story and philosophy of cryptocurrency and started a new youtube channel of my technical analysis.

Keywords: cryptocurrencybloggingincomeguidetradinginvestingnew

My Blogger Income June 2021 Took Technical Analysis Course


The entire month, I only blogged about basic financial technical analysis which is mainly a note to not forget about my TA intensive course.

Keywords: cryptocurrencybloggingincometechnical analysistradinginvestingfinance

My Blogger Income May 2021 End of The Previous Bull Market but More Newcomers


All my peers in college, I can count using my fingers who actually know about crypto. How will the price be if crypto becomes main stream?

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingBear MarketNewcomers

My Blogger Income April 2021 Less Blogging Chasing The Bull Market


April was the middle of the bull market and I decided to stop blogging and chase the profits through gem hunting.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingbull marketgem hunting

My Blogger Income March 2021 New Profession


This month I have made my determination to charge through the walls despite not reaching my goal which was to win 1000 months worth salary.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingdeterminationprofession

My Blogger Income February 2021 Busy and Missed Out


The bull market started when I was recruited for the current project, busy that I even missed the news of Elon Musk in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingbusymissed out

My Blogger Income January 2021 Being Lazy but Unexpected


I made $89 by crypto blogging which was unexpected because I was slacking off after new year and maybe because cryptocurrency price increase

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingslackingnew year

My End of Year 2020 Blogging Income Report


I made $88 by crypto blogging this month with total $771 this year, most of my urgent personal mission had finished but hope I can continue.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedblogging

My Blogger Income November 2020 and Personal Missions


I made $126 by crypto blogging and I have personal missions to accomplish before I am willing to let go of this job.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedbloggingmissionpersonalintroduce myself

My Unemployed or Selfemployed Income as a Blogger October 2020


I made $142 by crypto blogging which is enough for a month but if I don’t improve, I have to give up due to society pressure and find a job.

Keywords: cryptocurrencyincomeself employedunemployedblogging