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Time: 2022-01-18 07:53:52 +0000


Using May 2021 as the reference, June was confirmed to be the bear market. Unlike the bull market, it was very difficult finding coins that pumped and certainly not the time in entering popular coins. However, this month I did not participate in any cryptocurrency nor blogging although I did blog but not the usual blogging writing random stuffs.


The entire month, I only blogged about basic technical analysis which is mainly a note to not forget what I learned. I started my technical analysis course this month which was private only two people with just a friend of mine and intensive almost every two days that I paid using the profit I made during the April 2021 cryptocurrency bull market. Although there are only 8 materials, 4 basics, and 4 intermediate but there are 29 meetings because we need to keep repeating the basics to correctly execute the intermediate analysis. We practice in foreign exchange (FOREX) but outside the course, I wrote my note in cryptocurrencies and explore stocks. Finally, the rest of my time I searched for financial technology applications that allows Indonesians to start trading and investing in certificate of deposits (COD)s, government bonds, mutual funds, index funds, forex, commodities, stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies in just one day.