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Ethereum Virtual Machine

Ethereum and EVM (ETC, BSC, AVAX-C-Chain, Polygon, etc).

Telegram Open Network

Telegram Open Network (TON) decentralized application.


Solana decentralized application.


Tron decentralized application.


Near decentralized application.


Wax decentralized application.


Myalgo wallet for Algorand decentralized application.


Sync2 wallet for Vechain decentralized application.


Scatter wallet for EOS decentralized application.


Ontology decentralized application.


Rabbet wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Freighter wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Hive Signer for Hive decentralized application.


Hive Key Chain for Hive decentralized application.


Zilpay wallet for Zilliqa decentralized application.

Neoline N2

Neoline wallet for Neo N2 decentralized application.

Neoline N3

Neoline wallet for Neo N3 decentralized application.


Keplr wallet for Cosmos and other decentralized application.


Keeper wallet for Waves decentralized application.


IWallet for IOST decentralized application.

Fajar Purnama Website

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Censorship Resistance

Tired of being blocked? Consider my methods below.

Indonesia Blocked Yahoo PayPal Steam Website and What Can Citizens Do

Many Indonesians are freelancers and received their salaries in PayPal. Therefore blocking PayPal, is the same as cutting off their income.

Keywords: Indonesia Kominfo censorship Internet Authority cryptocurrency

Common Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship

Porn blocked sure, but Reddit and Imgur? What more? The common ways I found are by DNS, proxy, VPN, and TOR. Leave a comment if you know anymore.

Keywords: censorship resistance TOR The Onion Router Windows Linux Android DNS proxy VPN

Bypass Censorship By DNS

Changing DNS on client is also among the most basic because there are many open DNS server out there compared to proxy and VPN server.

Keywords: DNS domain name service Windows 7 Linux Android Server Kali censorship resistance

Bypass Censorship By Proxy

Instead of going straight ahead to the destination address the packets turn around to the proxy server and processed there before going to the origin.

Keywords: proxy squid Windows 7 Linux Android Server Kali censorship resistance

Bypass Censorship By VPN

Virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network where if outgoing path is open can also be used to bypass censorship.

Keywords: vpn virtual private network openvpn Windows Linux Android Server bittube Tunnel Bear censorship resistance

Bypass Censorship By TOR

The Onion Router (TOR) is an open source implementation of onion routing for anonymity and privacy, but I use them for bypassing censorship.

Keywords: TOR The Onion Router Windows Linux Android relay exit bridge node privacy anonimity censorship resistance

Tired of your contents being censored? My methods coming soon.

Webtorrent Widget

Webtorrent widget in html, css, and js.

Keywords: tools widget web webtorrent html css js

Learn About Crypto

Quick Start For General Audiences

Various Investments Through Financial Technology

The various types of investments are certificate of deposits, mutual funds, government bonds, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Keywords: investment cryptocurrency commodity stock mutual fund government bond certificate of deposit gold

Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency for New Users

The quick essentials to start using cryptocurrency are information sources, personal wallets, local exchanges, and international exchanges.

Keywords: cryptocurrency information source personal wallet local exchange international exchange

Quick Guide to Coingecko Mobile

This is a quick guide to coingecko mobile, one of the sources of cryptocurrency information, one of the necessities to begin in crypto.

Keywords: cryptocurrency information source coingecko fundamental sentiment

Quick Guide to Trust Wallet Mobile

This is a quick guide to Trust Wallet a personal and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet which is one of the necessities to begin in crypto.

Keywords: cryptocurrency personal wallet Trust Wallet sending receiving

Quick Guide to Tokocrypto Mobile

This is a quick guide to Tokocrypto a local cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia which can be one of the necessities to begin in crypto.

Keywords: cryptocurrency Tokocrypto local exchange bank cash

Quick Guide to Kucoin Mobile

Bitcoin and Ethereum are probably available in every exchange while a hidden gem like Kucoin Share KCS is only available in Kucoin exchange.

Keywords: cryptocurrency Kucoin international exchange deposit withdrawal

Essential User Interface Checklist for Atomic Wallet

One of my favorite feature is in wallet staking. Atomic wallet allows you to stake while keeping your private keys.

Keywords: AtomicWalletTutorial cryptocurrency staking referral atomic wallet token

My Dapp Programming Learning

Most of them only in HTML CSS JavaScript where you can copy and paste to your blog and any websites. Some of them are smart contracts. A list of other reference including courses on blockchain with certification available here.


Web3 Simple Widgets

My custom simple widgets JS and Web3 source codes.

Keywords: dapp cryptocurrency DeFi web3 source

Web3 Widget Send Asset and Message to Address

A web3 widget in multiple blockchains to send native assets and message to certain address.

Keywords: dapp cryptocurrency DeFi web3 source

Ethereum Virtual Machine Remote Procedure Call List

List of EVM RPC with a button that automatically adds to Metamask written in JavaScript, JSON and Ethereum JS or Web3.

Keywords: dapp cryptocurrency DeFi EVM RPC

Create Cryptocurrency Token in Almost Any DeFi Ecosystem Without Programming

Sure there are many steps but can be generalized into 3 steps install defi wallet, modify smart contract, compile and deploy smart contract.

Keywords: cryptocurrency DeFi token smart contract guide

My Basics in Computers Throughout my Student Times

Python Cheat Sheet

This is a cheatsheet for Python programming language that will be constantly updated.

Keywords: programming python cheatsheet computer big data

Starting Computer Programming

This article introduces computer programming for those who would like to dive into the world of programming starting with Pascal and C lang.

Keywords: computer programming Internet C Pascal

Simple Introduction to Computer Network and the Internet

Objective is simulate Local Area Network (LAN). Simulate Wide Area Network (WAN). Common services of The Internet. Design your simple cloud.

Keywords: computer CORE default route DHCP DNS dynamic route Internet LAN network simulation static route WAN web

Having a Taste of Being a Hacker

There are four main steps in penetration testing which are (1) Information Gathering, (2) Scanning, (3) Exploitation, (4) Maintaining Access

Keywords: penetration testing hacking information gathering scanning exploitation maintaining access metasploit nmap theharvester openvas ping nslookup Google white hat grey hat black hat