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My Undergraduate English Assignment Collection

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This a collection of my English class assignment during my undergraduate studies in Department of Electrical Engineering, Udayana University, 2010. For native speakers, this kind of assignment can be for elementary/primary school or highschool students but for us, the highschool and undergraduate course are repetitive since here in Indonesia, English is rarely used outside of tourism. The intention of posting this other than as a reference for students are for others who would like to know what kind of assignments are given during my era. This assignment has never been published anywhere and I, as the author and copyright holder, license this assignment customized CC-BY-SA where anyone can share, copy, republish, and sell on condition to state my name as the author and notify that the original and open version available here. Also to mention these names as some are group assignments: Yulianti Murprayana, Dani Pranata, Alit Wigunawan, I Gusti Made Widiarsana, I Nyoman Apriana Arta Putra.

Final Assignment

The Assignment


The title should really reflect your personality. For example: A brave girl from Kuta (because she has learnt surfing on the beach) or A determined girl from a jungle (because she comes from Kintamani nad now study and live in Denpasar city) or A sportive and strong young man from Ubud (because he has mastered martial arts and like to help friends and familiy) etc.

My picture

The latest photo with you as the center. It can be you passport photo or you do an action and zoom in on you with some backdrops. (no high school or little girl or little boy). Picture size should be at least 3 x 4 with sufficient resolution.

My personal details

Name, age, birthday, gender, place of birth, home address (let’s omit this one for now).

Things I enjoy doing:

Things I don’t like:

Someday, I want to be a …

My Assignment

A Boy who Dreams To be a Warrior


My photo taken in my room.

Things I enjoy doing:
  • Fighting (not because of anger but joy)
  • Training martial arts
  • Playing video games
    • Role Playing Games (RPG)
    • War
    • Horror
    • Strategy
    • DOTA
    • Counter Strike
  • Watching Movies
    • Anime
      • Shonen
      • Shoujo
    • Martial Arts
    • Horror
    • Strategy
    • Psychology
  • Playing Chess
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Doing something new
  • Anything depending on the situation, sleeping when tired for example
Things I don’t like and don’t like doing:
  • Being a coward. (I like to be brave yet I disrespect coward people)
  • Lies. (I don’t like lying either. Even for the sake of peace, it’s never right. Sooner or later someone will dig out the truth. Better regret now then regret later)
  • Memorizing. (I like to understand something, I can easily forget things)
  • Only talking and no action. (I like to do than to argue)
  • Being used, taken advantage of and in the end to be thrown away.
  • Being treated harshly.
  • Interrupting my work.

Someday, I want to be a man who influences the world, to take part in the world’s stage. One day I would like to be a man who stands on top of the world. It doesn’t matter dying as long as I fight on the path I believe in.

Nuclear Broshure-0.jpg

Assignment about pro nuclear power browser.

Translate a local Indonesian folk lore to English Group Assignment

Pan Belog dan Bebek

jaman dahulu kala ada seoarng lelaki bernama Pan Belog.Pan Belog sangat dungu. Di desa itu ia terkenal karena kebodohannya. Banyak orang mencemoohkan dan menertawakannya. Ia bukan saja tidak mau bersekolah, tetapi juga tidak mau bekerja. Namun di depan istrinya, ia tidak pernah menolak tugas. Ia tidak suka dibilang malas, dan juga tidak suka dibilang bodoh.

“Bapane!” seru istrinya pada suatu pagi. “Hari ini aku sangat sibuk. Tolong belikan aku dua ekor bebek di pasar. Bebek itu akan digunakan upacara di rumah mertua.”

Setelah menerima uang, Pan Belog segera berangkat ke pasar.

“Pilih bebek yang gemuk dan berat, Bapane!” kata istrinya lagi.

“Beres!” jawab Pan Belog.

Baru saja masuk ke pintu pasar, lelaki bodoh itu melihat banyak pedagang bebek. “Aku beli dua bebek. Ini uang!” katanya kepada seorang pedagang.

Pedagang itu heran, karena pembeli bebek itu mengambil begitu saja dua ekor bebek dan menyerahkan sekeping uang ringgit. Sebetulnya ia masih memiliki sisa uang, tetapi ia segera pergi dan tidak memperdulikan uang kembalian. “Aneh benar laki-laki itu,” pikir pedagang bebek. “Ia tidak menawar dan tidak menanyakan uang kembalian,” pikirnya lagi sambil menyimpan sekeping uang ringgit itu.

Dalam perjalanan pulang, Pan Belog melewati sebuah sungai yang cukup dalam. Dalam hatinya terlintas, ingin mengetahui keadaan bebek itu. Bebek-bebek itu sangat gemuk. Istrinya pasti senang mendapatkan bebek yang gemuk itu.

Bur! Geek, geek, geek! Bebek-bebek itu dilemparkan ke sungai. Bebek-bebek itu bersahut-sahutan riang gembira. Mereka berenang ke sana ke mari. Membenamkan seluruh tubuhnya, lalu mengambang kembali.

“Kurang ajar!” teriak Pan Belog. “Pedagang itu telah menipuku!” katanya. Lelaki bodoh itu mengira bebek-bebek itu adalah hewan palsu. Tubuhnya hanya terdiri dari bulu-bulu, sedangkan badannya kosong.

Pan Belog meninggalkan bebek-bebek palsu itu. Ia pulang dan segera melaporkan perbuatan pedagang yang suka menipu itu.

“Mana bebekmu? Dan mana uangmu?” tanya istrinya setelah melihat Pan Belog pulang dengan tangan hampa.

“Aku ditipu oleh pedagang jahat itu!” kata Pan Belog marah-marah. Lalu ia menceritakan pengalamannya, mulai dari memilih bebek, menyerahkan sekeping ringgit, dan melepas bebek-bebek itu di sungai.

“Bebek itu kosong. Hewan itu hanya terdiri dari bulu-bulu,” kata Pan Belog menutup ceritanya.

“Dasar dungu!” teriak istrinya marah-marah. “Bebek berenang dikira kosong!” Istrinya tambah marah setelah mengetahui suaminya tidak membawa uang kembalian. Sang istri mengambil sebilah kayu lalu mengancam suaminya. Pan Belog lari terbirit-birit. Ia kembali ke sungai untuk mengambil bebek-bebek itu. Tetapi di sana tak ada bebek yang berenang.

Pan Belog and Duck

Once upon a time there was a man called Pan Belog. Pan Belog was very dumb (belog is a balinese language of dumb). In the village, he was famous for his stupidity. Many people mocked and laughed at him. He not only did not wanted to go to school, but he also did not wanted to work. But in front of his wife, he never refused the task. He did not like being called lazy, and also did not like being called stupid.

“Daddy !” cried his wife one morning. “Today I am very busy. Would you please buy me a pair of ducks in the market. that duck will be used in-law’s house for ceremony.” After receiving the money, Pan Belog immediately went to the market. “Select a duck that is fat and heavy, Dad!” said his wife again. “yes, of course!” replied Pan Belog.

When entering the market, he saw a lot of duck traders. “I would like to buy two ducks with this money!” he said to a merchant. The traders were surprised, because the buyer was simply taking two ducks and handed over ringgit coin. Actually, he still had money left, but he soon left and ignored the change. “What a strange man,” thought the duck traders. “He did not bid and did not ask for any change,” he thought again as he saves the ringgit coin.

On the way home, Pan Belog went through a river which was deep. In the heart occurred, wanted to know the state of the duck, the ducks were very fat. His wife is definitely excited about getting the fat duck. Bur! Geek, geek, geek! The ducks were thrown into a river. The duck’s merry. They swim back and forth. Immerse the entire body, then floating back.

“Brazen!” yelled pan Belog. “The merchant had tricked me!” he said. Stupid man thinks the ducks are fake animal. His body was only composed of the feathers, while the body is empty.

Pan Belog left the fake ducks. He came home and immediately reported the act of traders who like to cheat it.

“Where are your ducks? And where are your moneys?” asked his wife after seeing Pan Belog went home empty handed. “I was deceived by the evil merchants!” said pan Belog angrily. Then he described his experiences, from choosing a duck, handed a piece of the ringgit, and release the ducks in the stream. “The ducks were empty. The animals were consists only of feathers,” said Pan Belog close the story. “What a fool!” cried his wife got angry. “Ducks swim mistakenly empty?!” His wife was more upset after finding out her husband did not bring change. The wife took a chip of wood and threatened her husband. Pan Belog ran. He returned to the river to retrieve the ducks. But there were no ducks that swam.

Identify Past Tense

Paragraph 1

The underline words are in past tense.

“Ferdinand Porsche started work on the ‘people’s car’ with money he received from the german government in 1934”

  • Because the event happened in the past, in 1934.

“Then in 1938 he returned to Germany, founded Volkswagen GmbH and started production with his new American machinery in wolfsburg, lower saxony”

  • Same as the above sentence but in 1938.

Paragraph 2

Commercial production stopped during the war and the factory and its 9000 workers fell into British hands in 1945.

After the war the British helped the local economy by ordering 20.000 cars but decided not to take over the company as they did not think it had a future.

Reason : Because the writer use verb 2 in that sentence and the writer, retell what happened in 1945

Paragraph 3

First sentence is one sentence of simple past tense because the incident occurred in 1949.

The sentence is not only there are some words that turn into verb 2, for example, Went, Founded, Became and arrived but there are also some who used to be past tense ‘was’ in the phrase ‘the VW beetle legend was born’. In addition to sentence 1, sentence 3 is also an example of a sentence past because they occurred in 1960 and there are limited and valued word which is the verb 2 of the limit and value.

Paragraph 4

The company continued its globalization by setting up its own production facilities in Australia (1957), Nigeria (1973) and Japan (1990) while expanding into the USA (1976) and Spain (1986) by buying car manufactures. The company also set up a joint venture in China (1982). Political events at the end of 1989 gave VW the opportunity to move into central Europe, where it soon began production in the former East Germany and expanded into the Czech Republic.

Reason :

Because the writer use verb 2 in those sentence and the time was in past.

Paragraph 5

There are no past tense sentences in this paragraph.

Explain Indonesian Judiciary System in English

The Indonesian judicial system comprises the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. The 2001 amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia grant the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court powers to organize judiciaries in order to uphold justice and law. The constitution provides the Constitutional Court with the power, among other things, to review the constitutionality of legislation passed by the DPR, to determine jurisdiction disputes between key state institution, to decide motions for the dissolution of political parties and to resolve disputed election results.

The judiciary subordinate to or under the oversight of the Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung) comprises :

  1. The general judiciary (peradilan umum), which handles general civil and criminal cases.
  2. The religious judiciary (peradilan agama), which relates to Islamic family laws dealing with inheritance, divorce, etc.
  3. The military judiciary (peradilan militer)
  4. The administrative judiciary (peradilan tata usaha negara)

In Indonesia, most disputes appear before the courts of general judiciary, which consist of a court of First Instance, a Court of Appeal and a Court of Cassation. Although the Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeal vary from one judicial system to another, at the cassation level the Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung) will preside over cases in all judicial systems.

The Courts in the general judiciary comprise the District Courts (Pengadilan Negeri) as Courts of First Instance, the High Courts (Pengadilan Tinggi) as Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung) as the Court of Cassation and civil review (Peninjauan Kembali).

Write 20 Passive Sentences

  1. The graveyard were filled by anger of the ghosts.
  2. Animes were watched by me.
  3. My Basketball team was cheered by the cheerleaders.
  4. These popcorns were made by my mother.
  5. These people were killed by my hands.
  6. The chocolate ice cream was eaten by my mother.
  7. My hair was colored black.
  8. My laptop was made in America.
  9. My skin was colored dark.
  10. Fajar Purnama was taken by the darkness.
  11. My eyes were made black.
  12. My height was made 177cm.
  13. My walls are painted by many colors.
  14. My face was shaped oval.
  15. I was imprisoned from the romance of the world by the dark fires that consumed me when I was a child.
  16. My camera was borrowed by my seniors.
  17. The subjects were taught by my instructors.
  18. Words were spoken by my mouth.
  19. My heart was filled with hatred and jealousy.
  20. These sentences were written by me.

Simple Present Tense Group Assignment

Although the present means now but this should not mean that such action is carried out at this time. Tense is used to express something that is fixed, customs or the ultimate truth, because it is often related to events in the past present and future, this tense at least have specific times information. English language sentences generally should have a subject and predicate, that’s why all tenses will be formulated like that. In the present tense generally, subject is a noun or pronouns and the predicate verb must.

Affirmative Sentence Formula = S + V1(s or es)


  • A postman delevers letters
  • We always read magazines
  • A man walks with his feet

Negative Sentence Formula = S + do(es) not + V1


  • A postman does not deliver big things
  • We do not always read magazines
  • A man does not walk with his hands

Interrogative Sentence Formula = tobe/do(es) + S + V1


  • Does a postman deliver mails?
  • Do you always read magazine?
  • Does a man walk with his feet?
  • Are they students?

If there were no other verbs in a sentence, then we use verb to be.

Affirmative sentence formula is S + to be + noun / adjective / adverb


  • I am busy
  • She is here
  • They are farmer

Negative sentence are formed by placing not after to be.


  • I am not busy
  • She is not here
  • They are not doctors

Interrogative sentence are formed by placing to be in front of the sentence.


  • Are you busy?
  • Is she at home?
  • Are they farmers?

Absence Note

Denpasar, 11th Oktober 2010

To: I Nyoman Satya Kumara

Department of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

University of Udayana, Jimbaran, Bali.

Dear Mr. Kumara

My name is Fajar Purnama with my student number 1004405045, English class A.

I would like to tell you that today October 11th 2010 I cannot attend your lesson because I have a very important meeting at Alfa Prima that discuss about my graduation certificate about video shooting and editing tutor.

I also attact my dispensation note,

I’m looking forward to attend to your next lesson.

Best Regards


Fajar Purnama & Alfa Prima

Direct and Indirect Speech

Let’s include a bonus assignment I found from my Highschool times.

Direct and Indirect Speech High School English Assignment from Fajar Purnama