List of Cryptocurrency Coins that I Staked and will Stake

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Time: 2022-11-27 04:30:59 +0000

Currently, I don’t have enough assets to build master nodes. Even if I do, I also don’t have 24 hours servers to host master nodes especially if they require public IPs. Therefore, I decided to stake my coins to those who have master nodes.


The simple explanation of proof of work is mining. You donate your processing power to the network and receive rewards.


The simple explanation of proof of stake is time deposit. You lock your coins for a certain amount of time to gain interests.

Below are the coins that I plan to stake and where at this time. I will make another post if I plan to add more later. If the links below are wallets means that the staking feature is available within the wallet.

  • Honesttoken:
  • Dash:
  • PIVX:
  • Smartcash:
  • Zcoin:
  • Pundi X:
  • Waves:
  • Neo: or
  • Ontology: (expensive, 500 ONT)
  • Qtum: (full time running wallet)
  • Stellar Lumens:
  • Nxt:
  • Achain:
  • Aurora: (expensive, 10000 AOA and full time running)
  • Bitcoin Diamond:
  • DeepOnion: (full time running wallet)
  • KuCoin: (
  • Tron and Bittorrent:
  • MCO and CRO (coming soon):
  • Shardax:
  • NEM: (expensive, 10000 XEM)
  • Vexanium: (expensive, 100000 VEX)
  • Cardano: (coming soon)
  • Vechain: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • LiteBitoin: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • Eos: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • Ripple: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • Bitcoin: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • CyberMiles: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • ZelCash: (optional referral: 089ZY6)
  • Decred:
  • ATOM:
  • IOTX:
  • ATOM:
  • VSYS:
  • IOST:
  • Decred:
  • Ardor: (Expensive, 1000 ARDOR)
  • Cindicator: (Expensive, 5000 CND)
  • CRO: (Expensive, 10000 CRO)
  • Giftoverse: (Expensive, 1000 GTO)
  • ICON:
  • MCO: (Expensive, 50 MCO)
  • Tomochain: (Expensive, 100 TOMO) (optional referral: 089ZY6) (10 TOMO)
  • Magicoin:
  • Okcash:
  • Bittube:
  • Netbox: