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Teletrader tablet desktop widget.

Watchlist and Portfolio

If you bought gold, silver, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex, and treasuries, then you are probably familiar with the investment world. The hope of investment is the hope of the value of what we invests in increases. Let’s face it, no matter how much we want the United States (US) Dollar to fall, it is still the most popular currency today and widely used for measuring values. Almost everything we know is priced in US dollars (USD). How much dollars does a meal worth? Something like that. You can price things in gold or bitcoin but most people may not understand, but if you do you are one of the unique legends that I respect. For example, how much grams of gold does a meal worth or how much satoshis?

Whatever your measurements, you are free to do but for now I will be using USD. The hope of investing is the hope of the USD value in what we invest in goes up. Read the following statement: (1) you bought bitcoin at $5000, (2) the price goes to $6000, that’s good, (3) the price goes to $4000, that’s bad. You should now have an idea why most investors often have a great urge to look at the price charts. Maybe you are already one of them. Which is why most investors have watchlist and some goes into more detailed as having a portfolio.


Thanks to the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT), watchlist can be in real-time, updated every seconds. For example, you can go to or to see prices of cryptocurrencies, or go to or to see other types of investments, or you can borrow widgets from these sites and embed them into your own website. You can always create your own though.

Coingecko top coins heatmap.


Some investors wrote portfolios. Portfolios in my opinion are essential when you make large and diversify investment. A portfolio keeps track ups and downs value of your investments. Usually measured in one type of value and most popular is USD. In my portfolio, you can see how much USD I gain or loss in each investments. For cryptocurrencies, I use Cryptocompare. For gold and others, I tried using, and Teletrader.

Cryptocompare Portfolio.

Watchlist Desktop Widgets

You and other investors may find yourselves having frequent urges to see the price. Sometimes the urges can be too frequent. You feel bad or tired for repeatedly opening your apps to see the price, or an even longer process of opening a browser then go to a website to see the price. It happened to me, and I felt like I wasted a lot of time and energy doing so. Because of that, I decide to utilize dekstop widgets instead. I usually hate messy desktops and kept mine very clean, but now I know why those high frequency traders have multiple screens with many price indicator widgets.


Samsung A7 watchlist desktop widgets.

Smartphone is the most frequent computer device that I use. So good thing there are many desktop widgets that are developed. Maybe because everyone use smartphone more often than personal computers (PC)s now that these desktop widgets are more developed here. Below are the steps pinning a desktop widget on an Android smartphone:

  1. Download a finance application that provides widgets. Honestly, I’m too lazy to check, so I just download apps randomly and if they don’t have a widget or I don’t like it, I uninstall. The finance desktop widgets that I used on my smartphone now are Teletrader,, XE Currency, and TabTrader.
  2. At you home screen, zoom out, add another screen if you have to, then click the widget button.
  3. Find the widget that you want, touch and drag it out.
  4. From here, the instruction varies to apps, so just follow the given instruction.


Windows watchlist desktop widgets.

Windows is probably still the most used PC operating system (OS) in the world whether legal or illegal ones. There are different methods for pinning a desktop widget on Windows but below is my way:

  1. I used Rainmeter software so get it at and install.
  2. I used this skin so download it or browse the website if you want to use other skins. Install it or manually extract and put it in Documents/Rainmeter/Skins directory.
  3. Open the Rainmeter software, go to the skins directory, and load the .ini if haven’t already done so.
  4. Right click the widget and you can edit the configuration, too bad it looks complicated for now, so just follow the instructions to modify symbols.
  5. Refresh on every edit.


Linux gnome watchlist desktop widgets.

There are many fans of Linux because it is open source. Windows and MacOS can be expensive, if you don’t have money, this operating system is a great recommendation to get used to. Personally, I find it the easiest to deploy programs and servers on Linux. Unfortunately, I cannot find much dekstop widgets, I should either just run a program on startup or write one myself but temporarily I’m using gnome shell extensions and below are the steps:

  1. Go to and install the browser extension if you have not.
  2. I use bitcoin markets, once you found the widget to your liking, install.
  3. Click the gear button on the browser or open tweak to configure or right click on the widget.
  4. From here, the instruction varies to widgets, so just follow the given instruction.

Huawei Tablet

Additionally, I also tried teletrader on my Huawei Tablet.