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word number: 1236

Time: 2024-06-16 04:28:44 +0000


The entire world, the entire universe have transcended. Not only that immortality became a common practice but immortals are starting to create their own worlds as if they are gods. Amongst these gods, there are novelist where during their mortal lives they could only create their world through pen and paper, now they can create their own dimensions. Still the age is still the beginning. They are able to create and initialize but cannot alter afterwards such as erasing an existence and altering personalities of each creature. Ironically, strange phenomena occurs such as time rewind, soul transmigration of outsiders, and direct invasion of outside forces. At first time rewind and soul transmigrations are welcomed phenomena as the abused ones are able to bring justice to the unjust but problem occurs when the center characters abused these phenomena such as bullying the weak or the less welcomed phenomena where the oppressors are the one chosen for these phenomena or worst of all outside invasions. I am one out of many freelance immortals who provides services to handle these issues.

The Spoiled Transmigrated Brat In a Dukedom


A goddess who recently won an award for her written romantic novel about a couple who won against corrupted nobles came to us with a quest. She created a world which became the source of inspiration for her romantic novel. However, she was unaware that a time worm had approached her world thus eating a few years of her worlds time. During this incident, there was only one girl just finished reading her novel and with her strong excitement after reading the novel accidentally connected her conscious to the time worm resulting her transmigration to the time rewinded goddess’s world. Unfortunately, the transmigrated girl got a crush to the male lead character due to this handsomeness and is trying to steal the male lead character from the female lead character. Though that action alone are still not enough bad enough to intervene but the plots she enacted are evil and causing harm to many innocent people. The goddess tried to intervene herself but when she descends to her world, a light similar from the time worm emanated from the transmigrated girl threatening the destruction of her world thus immediately made her to retreat. She found a way to intervene which was to create a mortal avatar of herself but was over witted by the transmigrated girl and executed by the reigning authorities. She asked us to create an avatar and assist her avatar in the next attempt as the situation became more dire that the female lead character is framed and imprisoned.

The Haunted Lands


A young god created his world not too long ago. However, a legion of malicious dark forces discovered his world and started an invasion. Though the young god is powerful enough to win the battle against these dark forces but a different story when protecting his world. Thus he erected a barrier preventing the dark forces from entering his world. Unfortunately, much of their miasma already invaded his world causing sinister hauntings all over the land such as vengeful spirits and monsterized animals. The young god is busy battling the dark forces and asked us to deal with the hauntings in his world. Due to the barrier, we can only partially enter this world again through avatar with very limited power transferable through time. Even opening a small space on the barrier is not an option as the miasma outside is now strong enough to quickly destroy the creatures of his world due to most of the dark forces already reached the young god’s world. Thus we can only initially enter as a fragile mortal and fight as one. Enter the young god’s world and become a supernatural detective and convinced the citizens of the supernaturals because many are still ignorant as the haunting have not struck the heart of the civilization. Recruit comrades and travel to eradicate the miasma.

Temporary Note

Let’s start from being a ghost hunter. Then the climax is summoning of a demon which is one of the invading lieutenant of the dark forces. Spoilers “duplicates of summoning artifacts are beyond any of our expectation. Trust me, I do not die, go to the top of the mountain behind your kingdom and bring the summoning artifacts with you. There you all shall meet me again.”. “The corruption of your world is due to the miasma of the invading forces. I was hired by your god to assist you in handling the corruption. As we speak now, your creator and his allies are battling the vast forces. He erected a very powerful barrier to prevent these invaders from entering your world. The barrier is to opowerful even for him to control thus also none of us can enter except in our mortal avatars which I took 7 days. We did not realize that there are already agents walking throughout this world and that they managed to craft summoning artifacts. The summoning artifacts are tools to crack open the barrier from the inside. The summoned demon lord are one the lieutenants of the invading forces who entered through the crack. It is heavily guarded, thus we cannot enter through the same crack. Do not grieve but rejoice as the summoning artifacts you risked your lives seizing are not in vain. It can be used to create a crack from the opposite direction for me to enter your world. Use the same summoning ritual, to summon me into your world.”

The Greedy Reincarnated Otaku


A powerful a god felt pity for one of its creation who spent his lives constantly oppressed by others and rewinded time for him. However, the otaku became to greedy, plagiarizing many future novels, used his wealth not only to trample on his foes, but to surrounding innocent people as well. Soon the otaku will become an even worse tyrants than the ones who used to bully him. The god would like you to remind him of his place and reform him. If that is not possible, you are to destroy him.

A Beautiful Queendom Invaded By Parasites Can Only Be Saved Through Possession


A world that contributed to the popular novel about a power struggle within a queendom and gave birth to many heroes and heroine was stealthily invaded by outside parasites. Not only do they are leeching the energy of that world, they are pulling strings of greedy citizens which hasten the process and also causing injustice throughout the queendom. Not only outsiders which included us and that world’s creator cannot descend but we are also unable to send an avatar as the parasites will react and self destruct which will result in destruction of that world. However, the god of that world found a solution which is fusing our soul a citizens of that world, just a part of our soul is enough. As the plot is centered around the royalties of that queendom, the goddess asked us to fuse with any of the royalties. Due to the parasites, we cannot transfer enough power to possess. Therefore, we can only cooperate with the person we possess. The goddess informed asked that she will cooperate with the female body guard of the second princess and suggested us to form cooperation with the second princess.