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Time: 2023-03-19 14:07:39 +0000

This is a core fighting training manual for my fictions. I would like to write another world and reincarnation novels. Therefore, this is a note of some trainings for the story’s development.

Remembering The Basics

Let’s say the story will take training from the very begining as a normal human. Ofcourse the very first thing is being able to fight and manuvering. These are basics in the wild where anyone can reflexly do due to the demand of survival. Most of these population are unaware of their own techniques which is why these techniques are lost when the world became a safer place. While as nations we became stronger, but as individuals physically we have became weaker. There is also survival but let’s add that later when I have more knowledge.


Manuvering is the most basic skill any creature in the wild have. Being able to run, jump, climb, and passing by objects as swiftly as possible is a skill necessary in the wild. Since we live in society where environments are safe, we no longer need manuvering skills which is why we forget. Manuvering can be trained by going through obstacle courses or parkour.

Self Defense

There are many different styles of martial arts but all of the self defense techniques have the same objective which is being able to handle attacks. Either by guarding, parrying, avoiding, or even attacking. This is also a very basic skill in the wild but because we live in society, we no longer needed to fight and we became stupid to not even being able to defend ourselves.

In the wild, guarding is a reflex where nobody is needed to be taught how to guard. Guarding is just about tightening our muscles. Even in physics, the harder the object, the harder to break. By tightening our muscles, we make our body hard. Why do people mostly uses their arms to cover their body? It is because our arm is the easiest muscle to control and to tighten thus the esiest way to use to guard.

Parrying is different from guarding. It is redirecting an attack. This is theory that most sport martial artist learns. While parrying is superior to guarding, many sport martial artists forgets that parrying requires precision. If you get the timing wrong you will get hit and the battlefield is not easily predictable like in the lectures or else everybody can win. With sport martial artists greatly theorize on parrying, makes them forget how to guard which is the basic reflex.

Avoiding or dodging in theory is simple which is just do not get hit. The question is, how to move our body well enough to not get hit? In the wild, the technique is honed through experience but what about those in society who almost never needs to dodge? The answer is learn stepping comfortable, learn bending our body comfortable, and learn aerobics.

How can we take down an opponent without attacking or how to know how to defend without knowing how the attacks will be? It is very strange in this society world nowadays where girls only know how to slap and boys only know how to push and stranggle. On the contrary, bookworms sport martial artists only knows how to punch and kick and forgeting about pushing, stranggling, and even slapping, and do not know that there are also charging, tackling, grapling, and even picking up objects.

Honing Strong Points

This is where the fiction starts. In reality, honing techniques is the only thing we can do currently and only through great length of time we can become known character that can survive many battles unlike those nobodies soldiers. However in fictions, there are abilities for surviving fatalities that can be learned faster.

Inner Energy

With inner energy activated, anything becomes possible. The most famous early introduction for this idea is Dragon Ball originates from the idea of the shaolin monks. Eventually, most martial arts fictions adopts this concept.

Iron Body

Sharp Perception

Fast Regeneration