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word number: 1192

Time: 2024-06-16 04:28:44 +0000


It is purely my imagination which I haven't broken down the sources but it started from where I have a dream of living in much better version of the earth. First, everybody can fly. Second, we all have mansions. I have almost frequent dreams of owning a mention and where all of my family moved in. I explored the middle wing after the entrance. Then the left wing. Then the right wing. There are still more that I haven't explored. The first dream was that I went home from work. The mansion feels natural in my memory like I recognized it for a long time but at the same time, I vaguely remember the real world that the house was supposed to be much smaller but I conclude that it was renovated. In the end, the house has a flying function. The second dream, I remembered that I have a regular house and not a mansion but I concluded that I probably bought a new mansion. It is here I explored all the wings with many different kind of rooms like Japanese styled room, medieval styled room, etc. The most noticeable are the many bath rooms and all of them are different styles. Some are American style, some are Asian style, some are antique style, etc. Also many other bath rooms with different quality. Some are luxurious, some are slightly high class, some are standard, and some are simplest a potty hole type toilet without closets. There are also two public bath room where many people can enter. Unfortunately here, I was alone in a very big mansion or even a castle and felt hidden, invisible, or unseen forces everywhere. I tried to act as these were the norms and tried to made peace with these forces but for everyone else this should feel as haunted. In my third dream, I woke up from my bed and everything was futuristic in the same enormous mansion. My mom have an online meeting, university staff and my dad is watching the meeting on a large wall, a theatric screen like those in the cinemas. Some walls on the stairs where I was going down also have small screens. As I went down, they told to sleep more if I'm still sleepy, and I said I wanted to take a shower. They also remind me to consider birth control with my wife. I went into a room with many devices, and remember my friend wanted to borrow a keyboard but some parts were missing so cancelled in borrowing. Unlike my previous dreams, the mansion, the objects, the location, and everything else were not unfamiliar. It felt very clear like I knew everything and that I really owned it to the point the I wouldn't realize that it is a dream but it is real and how it should be as if everything was already in my memory, nothing I don't recognize and feel strange, nothing felt unfamiliar.

After waking up from that dream, I thought deeply why all of them did not feel unfamiliar. Maybe the dream was a foresight of my future I thought. If not, then maybe this is the after life.

It is here that started fantasizing about Limbo. I fantasize that the place in my dreams was higher place in Limbo close/near heaven. Note that fantasy is purely my imagination, unlike things that I saw in my dream.

The Abyss

Hell as a creature seeks refuge to what is below here. The fires of hell are hotter than any fire on Earth, and the fires in the Abyss are hotter the fires of hell. Even Hell seeks refuge from this place where the worst criminals are chained and condemned the severest punishment.


Hell is a monster, a beast, or a horrifying creature that can overpower and eat any living beings. Inside, the citizens are immortal and permantly suffered. Suffering beyond our current imagination exists here.

Limbo Fantasy

I fantasized that Limbo have many levels. The highest one is the closest to heaven and the lowest one the closest to hell. Limbo have many levels but I fantasized as 5 major levels and each have more levels.

Level 1

This is the level closest to hell and the citizens glimpse the horror of hell. With the awful aura and substances of hell directly exposed to this level, almost no resource is produced. The citizens have no resources except for certain rare times. It is worse life compared to Earth but the citizens can still express their gratitude for not falling to hell where they can still breathe and observe.

Level 2

This is the second level closest to hell but the citizen cannot see hell. With the awful stench and substances of hell reaching this level, the resource production is slower than how it should be. The citizens here have barely enough resources. A small house, and there are always short hunger and thirst everyday but can also be quenched daily because resources are generated slowly everyday. A citizen can avoid hunger and thirst if they can manage the supply well. Some argue that this is still compareable lives to Earth because the assurance of immortality and promise that the citizens will not receive less resource than they currently received. In other words, a promise that lives are guaranteed but with almost no luxury whereareas on Earth, it is unclear whether we can remain safe or not, while here safety is still guaranteed.

Level 3

This is the middle level of Limbo where the features are all the good places on Earth. Although not luxurious, but everyone have enough resources. By definition differs, the easy explanation is never less, never hunger, never thirst, and some luxury but not much, maybe like eating 5 times a day, 4 times a day, 3 time a day, and depending on each citizens. Each citizens owns a regular house. Still, this level is still better than the best lives on Earth or during our living or mortal times because in this life we are immortal and the abundances assigned on each level are permanent and we cannot fall to lower levels.

Level 4

This is the level second closest to heaven where I thought where my third dream was. Some aura and subtances of heaven reach this level making the second prosperous environtment in Limbo. Everybody here is living in luxury and prosperity. Everybody have abundance of resources include food, drinks, and everything else. Everyone owns big mansions. Unlike the 5th level unfortunately, the citizens here cannot peer into heaven or see a glimpse of it.

Level 5

This is the level closest to heaven where the citizens can glimpse or peer through heaven and see its citizens within enjoying pleasures beyond our current imagination. The aura and subtances of heaven directly falls to this level, making the environment most prosperous in all of Limbo. The luxury and properity here is overflowing and each citizen owns a castle.


A place of happiness, luxury, pleasure, and prosperity beyond our current imagination.

The Throne

Above the highest heaven lies the throne of the almighty creator.