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Dream Journal Forcefully Reborn as a Girl I will continue this into a sequel

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Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000

Chaper 0. Real Dream Part

Again I will start on my dream journal because another fun dream appeared and this time, I will write my own fictions of all the dreams that I found interesting.

The first part of the dream wasn’t anything special. Only walking around on the streets, looking for a place to buy some snacks, and navigate my way home in these unfamiliar area. The dream then shifts to myself in a war state during the samurai era but more specifically I was in a Gintama Anime fighting along side the main characters during the Joie War, cutting my foes, dodging attacks, clashes of swords, blocking and dodging gunshots, cannons, cutting down ships, fighting giants, bloods, and all the battle imagination I could ever think off. We were attempting to stop the enemy in casting an enormous magic rushing to their headquarters. Then a large dragon like in Dragon Ball appeared and everything went bright.

I found myself carrying shopping bags and saw my house few steps away. I went in and saw my dad with few uncles, and told them that I just returned from shopping. As usual they’re cheerful but strangely that told that I’ve grown up and became prettier. I was puzzled but paid no more attention and straight away went into my room because I remembered that previously I was at a war. Confused of everything, I just went to bed and lay down. Then I was surprised that my hair got in the way of my face. It was longer and silkier. I looked into the mirror, and I was right that my hair was longer and silkier, but more so, found my face strange. It was bright, smooth, and surprisingly cute. As I tried to talk to myself in surprise, I finally realized that my voice was high, soprano as a girl. I looked into the mirror again from far away, and saw myself turned into a girl.

Then I was in a car with my parents and was going to a highschool and I was in school uniform with a skirt. It turns out time went back to the age of when I was in highschool, but the story shifts about me transferring to a highschool. My past, everything was known as I was a girl, even they called by a name that I don’t recognize which I cannot recall. I asked them whether they know *** (my original name) and didn’t ring the bell. There are some picture books on the car and saw of me everything as a girl but I was very tomboyish. I asked them again whether I was really a girl, I don’t act like a girl and certainly doesn’t think like one. They told me that I am like a girl, that girls today are too fashionable, slutty, etc, and that I didn’t need to worry. We finally reached the class, and my dad went to talk to the teacher. I couldn’t hear them well, and when their voice was louder, I thought that they called me, I answered and went in front of the class. However, I was wrong and everybody in the class laughed. My mom covered her face in embarrassment. The a girl in the class asked me something about …..

The dream part ends here and the fiction part starts here.

Chapter 1. My New Life