Fate Worse Than Death

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The Sad Thing of Death

People define death as a separation from this world, never again able to return. No longer the dead can enjoy life, no more chance to do things in this world. The most frightening of all, it’s the unknown. Actually not, because it is unknown that the worst imagination becomes a possibility. That is the most frightening thing. The worse the imagination, the more frightening the though of death can be.

Some People Chooses Suicide

Before discussing what are worse than death, let us discuss why people volunteers to die. When life becomes too hard, people tends to want it to end, either the hardship ends, or their life to end. For example:

  • Unable to meet life’s expectation.
  • Social shamed.
  • Stuck an uncomfortable job.
  • Broken family.
  • Incurable illness.
  • Starvation.
  • Or as extreme as being treated worse than a slave.
  • and everything else that forces people to bear endless suffering.

But If You Cannot Die

Imagine you are in the shoes of those suicidal people. However, no matter how much you try, you just cannot die. The only option, is to continue to suffer.

Take Our Imagination To The Furthest Gore

Even the worst suffering doesn’t mean much if it is instantaneous. At least compared to continuous eternity. Simply, remember putting your hand on a burning frying pan. At least once you accidentally burn yourself. If never, I suggest should try it now. Continuing, imagine that you can never remove your hand from that burning frying pan. Will you die? No, imagine if you cannot die. That’s an example, now imagine your worst imagination never ending, and you beg and cried for it to end but it will never end. My worst imagination is to be thrown into the sea of fire without a chance to draw a single breath along with your dearest ones.

Impossible! Are You Sure?

After you die you will be revived. Your body rots, and your soul leaves the body, then just make a new body and put your soul in it. Your suffering will destroy your body and you will die. Then heal your body and suffer again. Heal again and suffer again. Finally, let the endless cycle begins.