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Just Selling Your Used Stuff Gives Much Benefits

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Time: 2021-10-15 17:27:52 +0000

Audio blog if you just want to listen like while doing other stuffs.

Do you have stuffs that you no longer use? Why not sell those stuffs instead of letting them being wasted and filling spaces. Donating them is also a good idea that you will be helping people and making the world a better place and if you are a believer like me, good stuffs comes around.

1. Why you should sell

  • The saying is “your junk maybe someone else’s treasure”.
  • You free up space and not waste those stuffs.
  • Ofcourse, you get money:

  • If you are in a critical state, that money means a lot to help you survive to get food and water.
  • If you are in financial trouble, that money helps you pay your bills and debts.
  • You can save that money as backup where you may need to use them later on.
  • You can use them to diversify your assets such as buying gold, bitcoin, real-estates, and consumables.
  • You can use them to invest whether in some investment product or your own business.

  • Most importantly, you gain experience:

  • You have gone through the process of advertising and striking a deal with your client, you added a skill in your skill column where who knows you may need it in the future.
  • The more you do, the more easier and fun it gets, the more the experience, the knowledge, and motivation.
  • Marketing is one of the essential skills to get rich.

2. How to sell your item

  • Prepare your mindset to accept failures, do not get discourage by critics, mocks, and rejections.
  • Test your item whether it works properly (publishing your testing process is an advantage).
  • Clean your item and package it well.
  • Survey the market, evaluate your item, and determine your price.
  • Find an advertisement platform or make your own platform or just broadcast to your peers.
  • Place a detailed advertisement and always be honest, open, and polite to your customers.
  • Make a deal once a customer arrived such as price, and delivery method or place and time of meeting, and stick to that deal and be aware of suspicious activities.
  • Proceed with the transaction and keep yourself open.

3. My examples