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word number: 1092

Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000

Referral is an act of referring something to someone. A similar or maybe synonym words are affiliate and endorsement. In the Internet age, you can refer someone about something by sending a link that leads to the location of that something on the Internet, that is what referral link is. In most cases you are a third party that refers someone’s product you will receive commissions for referring. For example, if you download Brave Browser using my link https://brave.com/faj135 and use it for a month, I will receive a commission of $1 worth of BAT. “https://brave.com” is the website “faj135” is my unique referral code (note: not all referral link follow this style).

At https://0darkking0.blogspot.com/p/online-affiliate-endorsement-and.html I keep a list of referral links along with necessary information such as how much the commission is, what the requirements are, and where to find more info.

For the product owner

To advertise their product to gain more customers. Generally, the more the customers the more the revenue. This is called marketing, every company generally have a marketing department to attract more customers. They put advertisements on websites, social media, video platform, TV, etc, and/or they have a sales person who searches for customers whether online on down the street. Most of the time, the salary of sales people depends on how much customers they attract.

Referral link is a new idea. Instead of just having sales person do the marketing, they also encourage customers to market for them. Indirectly, the customers becomes 3rd party freelance sales person. It’s the art of networking where info about the product spreads from one person to another. A customer may refer to their peers, and those peers may refer to their other peers as well, and so on. The customers are rewarded in each successful referral.

For the referrer

Again, the referrer becomes 3rd party freelance sales person. Referral link became one method to make money online. This becomes an option for content creators or anyone active in the digital space to monetize their contents. Almost all content creators are not paid to make their contents, they work for free. If it is just that, limits their potential in content creation. They their own living as well, they need to eat, drink, sleep, and pay for their other daily lives.

But content creators should not work for money: a better statement should be they should not work only for money but should be passionate in their job and aim to deliver value to their audience but money should never be ignored. Like passion, professionalism, contribution, etc, money should be taken seriously as well. Would you still consider in becoming a content creator if you are hungry everyday? At least you will perform much better if you are able to generate revenue. How do you think those famous artists, celebrities, entertainers, etc survived? They market their passion, content creators are the same. Before I close this subsection, let me ask you a question: “who is more prosperous, a best writer or a best seller?”.

Here are two posts that I read https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/official-uptrennd-guide-how-to-create-the-best-referral-link-postings~Nzk4OQ__Tiffany and https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/best-way-to-promote-uptrennd-referral-link-on-other-social-media~MTc1MjY0, but I would like to summarize.

Most of us agreed: referral link should not be post naked.

Example of naked referral link is posting “https://platinum.crypto.com/r/q4pv8f6y8t” and that’s it.

A better way is to give a brief description, for example in a social media: “At crypto.com you can store, stake, and lend your crypto coins and receive interest. Join using my link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/q4pv8f6y8t where if you stake 50 MCO, we will both receive $50 worth of MCO. The most interesting feature for me is that you can request a cryptocurrency powered credit card”. The best way is to learn about sales so you can make attractive post that attracts your audience. One sales lesson is “put yourself in your audiences’ shoes, think what problems they are having and what solutions you can offer, or what do you think as an audience that can make you become interested in the product”.

If it is in an article then you need to learn how to be a best writer and seller. I’m not at that level yet, but I can suggest from the example above: briefly introduce crypto.com, how’s the history of crypto.com, who are the teams, what features do they provide, what is your experience as a customer, and finally what is your opinion. In short, make your contents attractive first, you can put images, videos, animations, sounds, then you put your referral link.

If you are in a podcast or video, be like a friendly and interesting sales person. Explain as briefly as possible but as rich as possible then ask your audience to click on the referral link in the description on or show on the video. Lastly, it is recommended to thank your audience for their time.

Now this is a question that I want to ask. Which design is better? Which one is suitable for which?

Those are cryptotab browser referral link which is a browser that mines using your CPU and rewards you with bitcoin. It is very recommended for beginners, because all you need to do is install and click the button. Additional, login to any of your social media and make a bitcoin wallet if you want to withdraw. Lastly for me, their referral program is one of the best because it is a multi-level referral system.

Cryptotab Browser screenshot of multi-level referral system from their page, basically like the explanation above.

Please comment if you have any ideas. If there’s no comment on this site, consider my other mirrors.

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