Self Physical Healing

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Time: 2023-03-19 14:07:39 +0000

I don’t know about you, but with some practice, I was able to heal myself a bit quicker from small sickness such as headache, cold, burn, injury, anything else that does not make you feel not well. Believe me, it’s been years since I took any medication, especially went to a doctor. I will list the techniques from easiest to harderst:

Remember how to breath.

Breathing is life. For most beings, if you don’t breath, you die. Breathing is automatic that we forgot about it, but do you know that the quality of breathing greatly rises if you are aware of it? Therefore, be aware of your breaths, feel it, visualize it, and take it as relaxing as possible.

Feel your body and your surroundings.

Again, awareness is the keyword. Feel how your body feels. Is it hot, is it cold, is it tense, is it relax, is it breezy, is it calm, is it chaotic, is it weak, is it strong, is it wet, is it dry, is it quite, is it loud, is it hurt, is it well, etc.


If you are not relax, then try to relax. If you feel relaxed, do you know that you can relax further? Continuing from previous point, feel your body, then relax. Feel your tense parts, and try to relax it. Feel the pain, and relax that area. Repeat, never think that you reach your limit of relaxness. You can always relax even more, and go into deeper state. The more relax you are, the greater your regenerative abilities are.


There maybe a case where even though you relaxed, you still feel stiff or the flow in your body doesn’t seem well. Therefore, stretch so the flow in your body may be well again.


If exercising is for you