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When Free Sex is Prohibited

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Time: 2023-06-09 04:46:43 +0000

Do you often have problems if sexual desires? That’s normal because we are created this way. If sex of making love is not an enjoyable activity then who would want to have children? Probably you would not have been born. In the liberal world, to satisfy your sexual desires, all you have to do is find someone to hookup with. With the Internet, finding a sex friend and browsing for information becomes much easier. However, there are always unfortunate souls out there who cannot even do that whether they are just unlucky or “free sex is prohibited”. I live in a country where the police will arrest a boy and girl if they are in a single room. There are some areas that will even arrest when boy and girl holding hands in public. Here are my options of how to overcome them:

More Accepted Options

Getting Married

In free sex prohibited regions, this is the most moralled choice. The main reason to get married is to build a family. By building a family, you need to make children. Therefore, you need to have sex. One of the absolute commitment of marriage is to satisfy your partner’s sexual desire. When you she calls, he must answer, and when he calls, she must answer. Again in free sex prohibited regions, this is the only license that allows you have sex. So what’s the point if get married but don’t have sex?

However, sex is just one out of many things behind the meaning of marriage. Marriage is the union between two individuals. You now no longer walk alone but walk together in joy and hardship, in happy times and sad times, in fun times and boring times. You no longer living for yourself, but you are now also living for your partner and the rest of your family. Behind the perks you receive from marriage, there are great responsibilities


If you cannot get married or unable to carry the responsibilities of marriage, then endure. Actually, enduring is your default option. Doing nothing means you are enduring. In other words, no problem of enduring means you are not bothered by your sexual desires.


Fasting is a method to strengthen your endurance by decreasing your sexual desires.

The decrease can be physically which is by filtering and limiting the foods and drinks you consume. Like you need energy for your activities, you also need energy for sex. By decreasing your food consumption you decrease your sexual desire. I have tried, when I felt very hungry, I don’t have the energy to think about sex. Other than that, you can filter what you eat. Eating meat and sugar tends to increase your sexual desire. That is why Buddhist monks are required to be vegetarian. I have tried for few discrete weeks of eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits. Not only my sexual desire decreases but I felt calmer than before. Observe! Those who eat more meats and sugar tends to have high tempers. I’m not a nutrition expert, so find an expert if you want to know more.

The other decrease is mentally which is limiting your thoughts and interactions. Have you ever heard why those in middle east cover their eyes, women wearing covering clothes, or those Asia believing that bad thoughts are sins? In other words, avoid interraction with the opposite sex and stop thinking about. Unfortunately, this is my most unfavored way.

Meditating or Relaxing

Fasting can be too extreme for you. Another way is to relax yourself as much as you can. Let go of those worldly desires, remember how breath, feel your whole body, relax and constantly aware. If you can, go further to cultivation, hypnosis, meditation, etc.


This is a method that is most advertised on articles, books, news, radio, sessions, shows, TV, etc. Distract yourself with positive activities such as exercise, music, reading books, study, travel, volunteer, work, etc. Other stuffs can be entertainment, watching movies, playing games, and even sleeping. In summary, do other fun things.

Less Accepted Options

Watching Porn

Watch porn while satisfying yourself

Using Sex Toys

If you can suppress your sexual desires then satisfy it. Many have made masturbators in form of genitals that you can play with. They even made the effort to make the skin and texture almost exact to humans. Even more, you can buy dolls with almost exactly as the human body. Don’t forget to buy lubricant or similar such as soap because frictions will destroy the sensation.


The reason why I put this here because even porn and sex toys are prohibited in some countries. Fine that you are not allow to have intimate relationship with the opposite sex and porns are illegal but even masturbators are prohibited? Then your only option in satisfying your self is a soap and your hand to masturbate yourself. Masturbating is one way to escape because once you are satisfied, no opposite sex can attract you. Do you know that more than half of sexual harassers can be prevented if the use of masturbator is allowed? It is because they can use masturbators to satisfy themselves. Why risk being a sex offender if we can satisfy ourself?

Desperate Options