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Install Ubuntu

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word number: 87

Time: 2023-06-09 04:46:43 +0000

Content: 15 - 30 minutes

  1. Flash Ubuntu image to USB drive or CD.
  2. Explore BIOS and Boot Menu.
  3. Explore and Backup Partition.
  4. Ubuntu Installation.
  5. Basic Ubuntu Exploration and Software Installation.

Tutor Method Services: $10

  • Self Study: Free
  • Texting: 50% discount
  • Voice Call: 40% discount
  • Video Call: 30% discount
  • Tutor Choice of Schedule and Place: 20% discount
  • Tutor Choice of Place: 10% discount
  • Own Preferred Schedule and Place: full price


  • Running Computer
  • USB Drive or CD
  • Disc Image