Forex Trading Signal Long Period from Week 3 July 2021

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word number: 255

Time: 2023-03-19 14:07:39 +0000

The previous post were signals that may expire soon, while this post may take a very long time before execution or may never be executed. Again, before going live on my premium trading signal subscription at, I would like to practice drawing trading signals and give them for free.

Monthly Charts

Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen (AUD/JPY)


Buy Limit: 77.921

Take Profit: 87.53 can potentially further 90.57

Stop Loss: 76.575

Note: not much

Euro / Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY)


Buy Limit: 78.562

Take Profit: 139.91

Stop Loss: 77

Note: not much

Euro / United States Dollar (EUR/USD)


Sell Limit: 1.35649

Take Profit: 1.06192 can potentially further 0.98380, 0.8797

Stop Loss: 1.40070

Note: not much

Weekly Charts

United States Dollar / Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)


Sell Limit: 0.96632

Take Profit: 0.94716 can potentially further 0.89242

Stop Loss: 0.9781

Note: not much

Not Financial Advice Rules

  1. It is never my fault.
  2. Any losses occurred on your side, do not forget rule number 1. It is not my fault but it is your fault for following me.
  3. Therefore, it is very highly recommended to do your own research.
  4. Do not trade more than you can afford to lose.