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My Technical Analysis on Forex Major and Commodity Pairs 2021

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Time: 2024-04-14 11:25:24 +0000


Major and commodity pairs are the most traded pairs in all of foreign exchange (forex). I’d love to discuss about major and commodity pairs but my knowledge are not sufficient enough. My only intention here is to practice my technical analysis while I am also blogger so share them as well. This time, I do not include the date in the title because I will be sharing monthly charts which I guess may still be relevant until the end of the year. The videos are there for those who want to learn as well by watching my process but if you only want to see the result, leave it be or go to the end of the video to enlarge. Again, before going live on my premium trading signal subscription at https://0fajarpurnama0.github.io/tradingsignals, I would like to practice drawing trading signals and give them for free.

Major Pairs

Major pairs said to be the driver of the forex market. They are the most active pairs with the highest volume. The owner of the currencies are the largest countries in the world. Very active and very high volume means that traders can enter big and exit at any time because there will always be other traders whom they can buy or sell to.

Euro / United States Dollar (EUR/USD)

EUR/USD is the most traded pair in all of forex. The United States is the country regarded to be the super power. The European Union have many developed countries under its banner. The very long term trend is bullish and the price seemed to return above the trend line. Aggressive traders may open a long position and stop loss as much as they can handle but ideally when it goes below the supply and demand area. If not, order a long position inside the area. Expect to take profit on the supply area but if bullish trend continues, then expect a new high.

United States Dollar / Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)

The Swiss Franc originated from Switzerland known for its banking and financial system so who does not know the term Swiss Bank? USD/CHF on the widest perspective seems to be going side ways for years. The bullish divergence on the stochastic oscillator seems to support the case. Aggressive traders may open a long position and take profit near the previous top. Conservative traders may open a long position on supports further below.

Great British Pound / United States Dollar (GBP/USD)

The Great British Pound originated from the United Kingdoms (UK) where long was Britain, the mighty British Empire that dominated the world on the previous era. Previously, there were Elliot waves and bullish gartley harmonic pattern. Currently, a double bottom is seen, and broke the current bearish trend line. However, a rejection is shown on the same pervious top forming a double top. A combination of double bottom and double top will be a rectangle pattern. Aggressive traders may want to short the pair.

United States Dollar / Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

Japan is the first country in Asia to develop and rivals the west. Preveiously, a Navarro 200 harmonic pattern was spotted on USD/JPY. Currently a cup and handle classic chart pattern is forming. Aggressive traders may want to open a long position while conservative traders may order a long position on the supply and demand area. However, if a rejection occurs on the bearish trend line, then traders may want to open a short position instead.

Commodity Pairs

Some believes that these three pairs should also be regarded as major pairs as well but they are put into commodity pairs instead. They are called commodity pairs because they originated from countries with large amounts of commodity reserves. There are other commodity pairs but this article only analyzes commodity pairs that many believes to be a major pair as well because their trading volume sometimes exceed all other major pairs.

United States Dollar / Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD)

Canada is in unspoiled landscape with abundant of natural resources where currently the country’s largest exports are fuels and oils. The monthly chart shows a clear double top and double bottoms forming a rectangle. Trade inside the rectangle and follow the direction once the market decides to break the rectangle pattern.

Australian Dollar / United States Dollar (AUD/USD)

Not only Australia is the most abundant in coal and iron ore, it also exports petroleum and gold. Previously there are Elliot wave and two cups and handle pattern. The recent market also shows a potential cup and handle where traders are recommended to wait for the correction to end before entering a long position. After that, there is a bearish trend that needs to be broken where if not then traders should enter a short position.

New Zealand Dollar / United States Dollar (NZD/USD)

New Zealand is the world’s biggest exporter of concentrated milk and also exports other dairy products, meat, wool and like Australia, gold as well. Previously, there was a cup and handle pattern and a new cypher pattern. Now there many potential patterns for the future which are bullish flag, double top, cup and handle, and max bullish gartley.

Not Financial Advice Rules

  1. It is never my fault.
  2. Any losses occurred on your side, do not forget rule number 1. It is not my fault but it is your fault for following me.
  3. Therefore, it is very highly recommended to do your own research.
  4. Do not trade more than you can afford to lose.
  5. Additionally, this is only for educational purpose though even the intention is not even for that but only as my technical analysis practice note for me to review in the future.