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Ethereum Virtual Machine

Ethereum and EVM (ETC, BSC, AVAX-C-Chain, Polygon, etc).


Solana decentralized application.


Tron decentralized application.


Near decentralized application.


Wax decentralized application.


Myalgo wallet for Algorand decentralized application.


Sync2 wallet for Vechain decentralized application.


Scatter wallet for EOS decentralized application.


Ontology decentralized application.


Rabbet wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Freighter wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Hive Signer for Hive decentralized application.


Hive Key Chain for Hive decentralized application.


Zilpay wallet for Zilliqa decentralized application.

Neoline N2

Neoline wallet for Neo N2 decentralized application.

Neoline N3

Neoline wallet for Neo N3 decentralized application.


Keplr wallet for Cosmos and other decentralized application.


Keeper wallet for Waves decentralized application.


IWallet for IOST decentralized application.

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Time: 2023-09-11 04:34:58 +0000


Nice, Atomic Wallet have an in application price chart but only on personal computer (PC).

Bare Minimum

All wallets should have coin send and receive function. This section is for starters who have not used cryptocurrency wallet before. If you have, you may skip this section.

Although I believe that I should never recommend anyone to only buy bitcoin and altcoins, I strongly recommend everyone to have cryptocurrency wallet. The most minimum of all to enter cryptocurrency is to have an interface to receive coins and that is a wallet. I believe that a future will come where many people will need bitcoin and altcoins and there’s no safer way to get some other than having a wallet or at least a public/receiving address. In my experience, most of the people I have introduced bitcoin who did not have computer literacy background, have trouble even figuring out of how to receive coins.


To receive coin, (1) go to wallet, (2) choose a coin, (3) receive or down arrow, (4) copy and send address or QR code to the sender.

The other bare minimum function is to send coins. Nowadays the age of cryptocurrency adoption have not come so the send function is not used much. If cryptocurrency becomes widely adopted one day, the knowledge of how to carefully send is necessary with current system. The transaction is irreversible, one wrong character when inputing address will result in forever coin lost. Does Atomic Wallet have these foolproof functions?

  • Copy address to clipboard: Yes
  • QR code: Yes
  • Set fee: Yes
  • Address book: No


To send coin, (1) go to wallet, (2) choose a coin, (3) send or up arrow, (4) copy and insert address or scan QR code of receiver. Eventhough QR code is available but still double check because there phising cases that hackers change the QR code.

Operating Systems

People use different operating systems so if Atomic Wallet only supports few operating systems, it will be difficult to refer. So, what does Atomic Wallet support:

  • Windows: Yes
  • Linux: Yes
  • Mac: Yes
  • Android: Yes
  • IOS: Yes

Referral Program


I am a fan of referral program that I myself do not want to waste. If I do not have a referrer, then I just browse the web looking for people sharing their referral link and used. Does Atomic wallet have referral program? Yes, get AWC 5 for each invite if you and your friend stores $10 worth of crypto in the wallet. Don’t waste it by downloading without using a referral link. If your family or friends have referral links, use them. If not, use mine https://atomicwallet.io/join?kid=17KP6Z and thank you very much for using my referral link.

Private Keys or Seed Phrases

This is a very important thing that anyone who dives into cryptocurrency must know. Basically, not your keys, not your coins. If a 3rd party holds your private keys or seed phrases means they have full control over your coins. Like the current banking system, do you trust them or not? Is Atomic Wallet a third party online bank or your own bank?

  • Private Keys: Yes
  • Seed Phrase: Yes
  • Password Protected: Yes
  • Screenshot Protected: No
  • Clipboard Copy: Yes
  • Generate Keys or Phrase Offline: No


To get your seed phrase and private keys, (1) go to settings, (2) private keys and input password, (3) get your seed phrase and your private keys. If you lose your wallet such as your computer crashes, download a new wallet and insert the seed phrase or private keys. If you want to restore intentionally, you can just log out, then restore. At the same time of not losing your keys, secure them because anyone who knows your keys can steal your funds.

Supported Coins and Tokens

https://file.army/i/BzF9Yfl https://file.army/i/BzF9vvK

The amount of coins supported greatly impacts the popularity of the wallet. Generally, people prefers wallets that supports many coins. The more coins supported the better. The security is a different issue though. So how about Atomic Wallet today?


Does it support manual token addition? Yes it does. (1) Go to wallet, (2) Find + symbol, (3) add contract.

In Wallet Staking


One of my favourite feature is in wallet staking. The steps are simple: (1) have a coin in your wallet that you want to stake, (2) go to staking menu, (3) choose a coin, (4) stake or unstake. Staking in the early days used to be a complicated process because no user friendly interface are available. Then cloud wallets and centralized exchanges offers staking, although you have to trust them with your keys, people still prefers them because they built user friendly interfaces. Atomic wallet allows you to stake while keeping your private keys. Note, staking is different from lending. Staking philosophically means that you hold the coin and not sell, the system appreciates that and rewards you with more coin, while lending is you lend your coins to someone with interest as the price.

In Wallet Exchange


In wallet exchange is available through decentralized exchange (DEX) if I’m corrent. I don’t know which one, so leave a comment if you know. You can also use credit card to buy coins using fiat but as usual, the fees are high. Another thing is that not all credit card works on Simplex, well certainly mine does not which is TUO COOP Visa. If you are trading or just have leisure time, than I suggest you to go out there and find competetive rate exchanges, if not, then you can use this one for quick exchange. I took the screenshot on 16:50, January 15th, 2020, and the price of bitcoin in average is $9000.


However, you may get cheaper price in exchanges if you hold more Atomic Wallet Token (AWC).

Features Not Yet Available

  • Price chart for mobile apps.
  • Address book to save known addresses.
  • Web3 browser to access decentralized services.
  • Cold wallet function.
  • Command line / debug windows for functions not available on interface.


About being light weight or not, I’m not sure since everything is running well on my devices and I haven’t tried on lower spec devices such Raspberry Pi and old smartphones. Leave a comment if you know more and I will update this post.