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Ethereum Virtual Machine

Ethereum and EVM (ETC, BSC, AVAX-C-Chain, Polygon, etc).

Telegram Open Network

Telegram Open Network (TON) decentralized application.


Solana decentralized application.


Tron decentralized application.


Near decentralized application.


Wax decentralized application.


Myalgo wallet for Algorand decentralized application.


Sync2 wallet for Vechain decentralized application.


Scatter wallet for EOS decentralized application.


Ontology decentralized application.


Rabbet wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Freighter wallet for Stellar Lumen decentralized application.


Hive Signer for Hive decentralized application.


Hive Key Chain for Hive decentralized application.


Zilpay wallet for Zilliqa decentralized application.

Neoline N2

Neoline wallet for Neo N2 decentralized application.

Neoline N3

Neoline wallet for Neo N3 decentralized application.


Keplr wallet for Cosmos and other decentralized application.


Keeper wallet for Waves decentralized application.


IWallet for IOST decentralized application.

Various Missions Makes Torum Crypto Social Media Fun

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Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000

About Torum


There is no official announcement of what TORUM stands for yet but the closest guess is cryTO foRUM which the name itself suggests that it is a forum for crypto enthusiasts. Torum is a social media platform for crypto enthusiasts. For now that is the current product but the founders claimed that in the future it can be much more. During this writing, Torum is in openbeta and you can only enter using invitational links such as mine https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=0fajarpurnama0. Also, Torum is also open for all topics outside of cryptocurrency, just do not spam. If you ask me, the developers can just create a space that separates between crypto and non-crypto topic and let users choose which one they want to see. Another thing is that non-crypto topic can also lead to cryptonization of that topic. For example, photography does not have any indications of crypto but then some creative users suggests for photographers to earn crypto while sharing their shots, ultimately linking photography with crypto. Let’s continue with the main topic and break the evolution of crypto social media.

Powering Social Media with Cryptocurrency

  1. Today’s Online Social Media allows users to post their minds and others can comment, like, dislike, share, and other interractions not limited by place and time thanks to information communication technology (ICT) that allows instantaneous and discrete distant communication.
  2. Emerging Crypto Powered Social Media brings the features of cryptocurrency to these social media platform. Almost all of them provides fast transactions to the users mostly tipping, donating, earning, and reward. It was less possible using traditional currencies because of less digital support and even if digital currencies are to be made then there is the need for capital. However with cryptocurrency, anyone can issue their own currencies first without capital and distribute them to the users, customers, and investors, and grow the value of the currencies second. These payments are available in almost all crypto powered social media but there is more than that to cryptocurrency. With the blockchain technology that they so called it, they are able to create a social media that is borderless resistant to censorship, decentralized where they are not controlled by one major party aiming to be as neutral as possible, and other features available thanks to cryptocurrencies.
  3. The tipping, donating, earning, and rewarding are done either directly, upvotes and downvotes, or by the system. Torum makes them more fun than any other cryto powered social media platform through gamification. Who does not love missions, especially gamers? Torum provides a list of various missions in its social media platform, complete each to get a reward currently in XTM their native currency. Yes, other crypto social media platforms also have progress bars and actions that allows them to get rewarded but they are missing two keywords to make it more fun and those are variety and list or display. If the mission is only one or two will quickly get bored and monotone but if it is various, users can choose and may do more and get addicted. Yes, variety makes it more fun but if they are not listed or display in an attractive manner then users will not get attracted or worse will not notice at all. If you do not believe me, then go and play role playing games (RPG)s or ask someone who have played. Torum provides this and ofcourse still many rooms for improvement.


One of my favourite video game is Metal Gear Solid 5 and here is a screenshot of my gameplay showing missions. As you can see, Torum is on the way for fun gamification.

Current Daily Social Media Missions Available

If you have registered, welcome, you are officially a Lander, if not, why not try registering using the link above and try yourself as you read this through. Go to the mission tab to see available missions. In this article I’ll be covering only the daily missions and no more to make it simple since this an article to introduce new landers. This includes about the fundamentals, utilities, token, the importance of tipping, more complex missions, clans, companies, the future of Torum, and etc. I will cover other topics in separate articles.

Daily Login


The simplest mission is the daily login, login, go to the mission menu, and claim 1 XTM. In my opinion, daily login mission is good to motivate landers to check for interesting stuff daily and ofcourse Torum will benefit from healthy daily traffic.

Like 5 Posts or Threads


I put like 5 posts second to daily login because most of us prefers to observe then to engage. Read posts or threads, like the ones you like, and once you reach 5, claim 3 XTM. In my opinion, this encourages landers to view others’ posts which preserves the life of Torum because without views is the same as a near death platform.

Comment on 3 Posts or Threads


Comment on posts or threads you feel like commenting and once you reached 3, claim 1 XTM. In my opinion, this encourages engagement between which preserves the mind of Torum because without engagement is the same as a zombie platform. However, this mission is misused by spammers where they comment without any intention except for the reward only. Spams are comments like “good”, “nice”, “cool”, although this is not spam in regular social media but it is spam here because get XTM for commenting them. This actually zombifies the platform where spammers takes the reward without intending to deliver value to the platform which is the same as stealing XTM. I will discuss spam in a separate article but for now I ask not to spam because you will be killing Torum and if it dies then the XTM you stole will worth nothing (such a waste of time and energy).

Spread a Post or Thread on your Feed


Spread a post or thread on your feed and claim 3 XTM. Other social media calls this share, repost, retweet, reblog, etc. This is good to give exposure to quality post and I think spam will not affect much as long as the spreaded post or thread have value.

Create a Post


Create a post with at least some value and claim 1 XTM. The heart of social media where it will be empty without one. I placed this in the last sections since most people I know loves being an observer more but if the platform have less post then it should be in the first sections. Anti spam applies extra hard on posts compared to comments because posts are the root and comments are the branch. If the root itself is spammed then never will quality comments occured. Personally, I can tolerate spam comments but never spam posts.

Create a Thread


Create a thread with at least some value and claim 1 XTM. Join or create a clan first to make thread where a thread is longer than a post, it can even be a full article and therefore spam is most untoleratible here.


I am writing this article as Torum ambassador @0fajarpurnama0. I hope to see you soon in Torum: https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=0fajarpurnama0.