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My Early Demands on Torum Crypto Social Media

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word number: 1046

Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000


While Torum social media is unique for the missions that rewards users in cryptocurrency tokens, there are some features demanded for the sake of pleasant experience. Ofcourse there are countless idea that I could suggest but I found 5 features that are quite urgent which is why this article is written. I am not discourage about Torum or any other negative aspects but I just want to write down my suggestions before I forget.

1. Sorting


Some of our ambassadors are tasks to tip quality contents on Torum to motivate those landers in creating more quality contents. I joined late when I had a plan to gather quality posts and it was extremely difficult for me in finding quality posts on the discovery tab. It can take me a long time scrolling to the bottom before finding something amusing which was not a pleasant experience. For example, most posts I encounter are naked hyperlinks and airdrop news which are OKAY but they are less appealing. At least, add their own interesting comment when mentioning a hyperlink to be worthy of a tip, unless the hyperlink is exceptionally interesting. I ecountered even worse such as the new one word spams such as “hi, hello, good, random…” and posts suspicious of scams where they asked to call a number to get rich in investing. Users or landers who are not that motivated will quickly lose interest in the discover tab. This maybe no problem in developed countries but in developing countries, Internet is not yet cheap and scrolling down can waste quotas. Therefore, a sorting feature is demanded such popular today, popular this week, popular all time, most tipped, most liked, most commented, even most infamous is amusing, for example someone posts “Bicoin SV is the true Bitcoin” and those who supports will defend the post and those who do not will want to say a piece of their mind.

2. Pin



It is a feature in almost all social media but Torum have not implement yet. This is very important for example the Torum Beginner Clan was supposed to be a guide for new users and yet there are overhelming amount of threads where eventhough almost all of them have good intentions to guide new users but imagine you as a new users yourself, will you willing yourself to scroll down searching for the right guide? Therefore, very important threads should be pinned somewhere.

3. Notification Categorization


I got an average of 50 notifications daily that users are following me even when I am not engaging on anything in Torum for a whole day. This is great news that the Torum community is growing so do not miss out the fun and join Torum using the link at the end of this article. Yeah, there are even days that I get over 100 notifications which for me is overwhelming that I missed out landers commenting, mentioning, and replying. Therefore, notifications should be categorized for example comments, follows, likes, mentions, news, replies, spreads, tips.

4. Sort and Hashtag Preference


While there is a hashtag window to filter only the desired hashtag but it is not the best user experience where we have to open a new link for example https://www.torum.com/search/#crypto which is not efficient that each time we visit Torum we have to click on the hashtag. The hashtag and sorting should be saved on our preference where it is already applied everytime we visit Torum. For example, this is an important feature for serious user who are here solely for Torum’s purpose which is a forum to discuss quality crypto contents. Seeing non-crypto contents annoys them or pisses them off especially tweet formats. Imagine if posts like “good morning”, “how are you today”, “I am having a bad day today”, “call me if you want to get rich quick”, fills these investors’ and serious users’ wall, they will surely leave Torum. This feature is also to protect easy going users who just wanted to enjoy from the hatred of these serious users. Oh, I forgot to say about hashtags to exclude preference.

5. Must Hashtag Reminder


Again this feature is also to protect easy going users who just wanted to enjoy from the hatred of these serious users. There are no rules in their terms of services restricting non-crypto contents and even the team gave a confirmation to me that non-crypto contents are okay as long as they are not spams or breach the terms of services. The most important hashtag is the #crypto hashtag where they should use it if they want to be seen by serious users and not to use it if it will not appeal them. For example, users who just wants to post selfies must use #selfie hashtag, and users who just want to tweet their minds such as “I’m happy today and how are you?” must use #tweet hashtag. On the other side, serious users should mark those hashtag as exclusions. Another hashtag I personally recommend to use is #airdrop hashtag where it must be used so serious users can exclude them because even I am tired seeing those numereous airdrop posts. Oh, and one more, maybe #noncrypto hashtag must always be used for non-crypto contents so that users who does not want to see them can exclude them.


torum ambassador 0fajarpurnama0

Yes, there are other urgent features such as mobile application, tipping comments, and downvotes but I do not need to discuss them as they are currently implementing them. If you also have demands or suggestions for team, then why not join Torum https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=0fajarpurnama0 and reach them yourself and once they met your demands, they would have prooven their dedication to the project and please spread the good news about Torum by then. I am writing this article as Torum ambassador @0fajarpurnama0.