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Grandma is shocked by the multiplying Ampleforth and shocked again by the missing Ampleforth

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Time: 2021-11-22 12:39:32 +0000


Grandma: Sonny, who put more coins in my chest?

Grandson: Nobody did grandma since the first time Sonny gave those coins.

Grandma: That’s funny, maybe Grandma’s getting senile? Grandma remembered it was not full.

Grandson: Wait Grandma, let me check. Oh the price is above $1 for the whole week. You are not senile Grandma, you are supposed to have more coins now.

Grandma: Are you saying the coin multiplied by itself?! What kind of coin make babies?

Grandson: It is called Ampleforth Grandma. The price is above $1 which means more people demands more coins. So Lord Ampleforth supplied us more coins to sell to them Grandma!

Grandma: Then let’s go to the market and sell to them Sonny!


Grandma: Sonny, did a thief broke into the house!?

Grandson: The security guard saw nobody entered the house Grandma.

Grandma: Then why are there less coins?

Grandson: let me check again. Oh, the price is below $1 which means there is too much coins and less people demands them. So Lord Ampleforth reduced our supply.

Grandma: Sonny! Will my coins disappear one day?!

Grandson: Don’t worry Grandma, no matter how far the price drops, Lord Ampleforth will only take at most 10% each day (Rebase % = (((Oracle Rate - Price Target) / Price Target) * 100) / 10). For every 10 coins Grandma have, Lord Ampleforth will only take 1.

Grandma: Still, why is Lord Ampleforth so stingy?

Grandson: To create more scarcity Grandma so that people pays attention to it and demands will rise again!