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Myalgo wallet for Algorand decentralized application.


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Neoline wallet for Neo N2 decentralized application.

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Binance Smart Chain and Yield Farming Portfolio Tools Early 2021

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Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000


If you have spent a long time in Ethereum (ETH), you may have bought a lot of tokens, and you may need to keep track of them using portfolio trackers. For example, there are Dextools and Astrotools, though my favourite is Zerion where I can not only see statistics of my holdings in charts just like a portfolio but I can also disclose or open them to everyone else. Many people frequently wants to see one my portfolios and with Zerion, all I have to do is share this link https://app.zerion.io/0x9cbd20f35e039499fbe203c69c834d35b538c5c0. As you can see to share your Ethereum tokens portfolio, you write Zerion’s hyperlink https://app.zerion.io/ followed with your Ethereum address where the formula is like this https://app.zerion.io/[your ETH address]. Recently, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is where the next DeFi craziness happens and again automatic portfolio tools are demanded on this Smart Chain:

Ape Board Finance


Ape Board Finance is the Zerion of BSC and to be multichain. Why did I call the Zerion of BSC? Because this tool is the only one on BSC that generates a hyperlink that we can share with other people and their Feature Request Board is almost the same as Zerion’s. If you read my list about low risk yield farming using stable coins, you may know that there are many people who wants me to invest their money and the safe plan with high interest is available on BSC but back then I did not know how to transparently show their investment status to my clients other than using BSC Scan which is not suited for non-technical people. However finally, I found Ape Board Finance where all I needed to do was just like Zerion by putting my clients BSC address next to Ape Board Finance Dashboard’s hyperlink for example one of my client’s https://apeboard.finance/dashboard/0x1822307f5bce3d38a46696fa1AF91ed12c29fb94. After clicking, wait for a few second delay to show the farmings if there are. All other portfolio tools on BSC currently does not have this feature which is very critical since sharing portfolio links is one of the most demanded feature. Wait, would not that be a problem for users who wants privacy? Unfortunately, it is useless as the blockchain itself is already open and transparent. What these tools does is only organizing and beautifying them. By the way, Zerion is also working on BSC and in the future multichain as well but if I am not wrong, I saw Zerion primarily focused on ETH and Ape Board Finance focused on BSC.

Yield Watch


Yield Watch is the first portfolio tool that I knew on BSC probably because it was initially offered on Pancake Swap Initial Farm Offering (IFO). Out of all the user interface (UI), I liked Yield Watch best. However, I see it to support mostly popular coins and farms like Pancake Swap. If you do not explore much and only holding or farming top coins on BSC, then Yield Watch probably suits you. Although you need to hold $1 of WATCH to track every $200 in your wallet. It means that you should put 0.5% (1/200) of your portfolio in WATCH to use its service. It is not necessary to have to only hold the WATCH but you can use it to provide liquidity and farm and you can still enjoy the service.

Poo Coin


Currently, as a portfolio tool it is the least of my favourite but it has two unique features that other tools does not have or maybe more that I do not know. The first feature is the promote feature where either you stake BNB/POO liquidity token or pay BNB to advertise coins on the front page. That is right! If you are a whale, this is the place to shill some coins! On the serious side, project founders can promote their projects here. The second feature is the chart feature while Dextools is still mainly on ETH and Dex Guru rarely works on tokens outside of Pancake Swap, Poo Coin chart works on many coin for example here is the chart for JDI Yield https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x0491648C910ad2c1aFaab733faF71D30313Df7FC mainly traded on Ape Swap. The full power of this feature can be enjoyed through the premium feature by buying Poo Coin first. The first tier is to provide $100 of BNB/POO LP which disable advertisements and allows us to track other wallets and the second tier is to provide $300 of BNB/POO LP where the trades that we perfomed can be plotted on the price chart (just carefully take a look on my image above that I bought Moonrat just before April 17th).

JDI Yield


If you are an explorer like me who farms on dozens BSC platforms, then you better check JDI Yield. Although the current UI does not match other tools (though they will redesign within this 3 weeks), they are the fastest in integrating yield farming platforms which is probably their signature. If you read my last post, you should know that there are over 30 BSC Yield Farming DEXs and you know what? Most of them I knew from JDI Yield. If you farm on dozens of BSC platforms, I recommend you to get 2000 JDI for the future pro version while the price is still $0.1. $200 is affordable for average people like us and if the price rises like POLS, Dextools, Astrotools, BSC Starter, etc, you probably need thousands of tens of thousands of dollars to enjoy. I’m in the pro feature because I need the “harvest all” button rather than going to dozens of websites and click each of their harvest button, and the “withdraw all” button if anything fishy is going on like source code problems. One thing missing though, is “sell all” button either to BUSD or BNB so we may have a chance to dodge price drops or even worse rug pulls. Another two features to increase the safety of the farmers are certification by JDI Yield showing which farms that they think is safe and code change alert like where who knows farm developers becomes sneaky and does not inform their farmers. Another convenient feature is email and other social media notifications such as on Line, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram for farmers who wants to receive their farming progress report there instead of opening the site everytime. Finally this is not financial advice but utility advice. Buy 2000 JDI if you need but if I said to buy more than 2000 would be a financial advice since there is not use case for the excess 2000 for now except for speculating and selling at a higher price. Adding another to that, you can use them to farm in Ape Swap to earn more JDI.

If you know anymore, please leave them in the comment section.