Happy New Year and Re Evaluate Your Passion in 2021

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Time: 2022-09-12 02:21:49 +0000

If your heart is a merchant, you will sell anything. If your heart is an adventurer, you will go anywhere. If your hearts is a fighter, you will fight anyone. If your heart is a teacher, you will teach anything. If your heart is a gamer, you will play anything and applies for countless passions.


My heart is a content creator, I will create and publish anything where I publish even my school assignments. Long time ago I streamed playing video games in Twitch and often with zero views. I have over 200 videos in Youtube and still only 400 subscribers. I currently posted over 150 articles and still with less than 300 pageviews monthly on each of my personal blogs. However, each time I finished and published a content was a bliss and always want to publish more without caring about the stats.

My heart is a cross poster, I will cross post anything. Daily I cross post to Steemit and only earned a dollar average monthly. I am blacklisted by the random rewarder in read.cash but still continue to cross post daily without earnings for two months while other cross posters even without any views earned up to $5 on each of their posts. If you think my cross posting is as easy as other cross posters with just copy and paste then you do not know that I am a perfectionist. I write all my articles in HTML from scratch as the existing editors does not suit my taste and often occur formatting problems when I cross post. I also have to convert to MD for some. For some, I have to reupload the images, and for reliability, I have to insert onerror backup image codes because once my articles lost their images because the image provider went down. I have to fill in the SEOs of each platform which includes title, description, tags, and canonical links. Finally, I am transparent and includes all the links to my cross posts in each of my articles. Overall, this process takes over half an hour where sometimes takes over an hour. So why do I go through all that trouble? Because seeing my posts live on those platforms gives me satisfaction and my heart is open source where I feel happy sharing my articles to as many people as I can.

My heart is a monetizer, I will try to make money out of anything. Where content creating and cross posting were already known, I tried earning while browsing by using Brave Browser on mobile, and Netbox Browser + Bittube Extension on personal computer (PC). I searched the web using Presearch, socialized in Torum, and used to watch videos in Odysee while earning tokens.


What is your heart? Did you try Youtubing and gave up? Did you try blogging and gave up? If you did give up, then your passion or heart is not in content creating. Currently but may change in the future. You are probably in it for the money if not something else, seeing other content creators gaining many views, likes, and subscribers, you probably think it is easier to get rich in this industry. IF IT IS THEN THAT IS STILL OKAY! What matters is the truth in your heart and the truth that you spread. Don’t say to people that you are passionate in content creating but straight forwardly, say that you want to get money.


Accept your heart that it is the money that you seek and next your approach have to change. You cannot continue like those who are passionate in content creating. Your approach needs to be business oriented which is just like Robert Kiyosaki said that best writing author is different from best selling author. After the first month of my full time blogging, I publish articles daily and sometimes more and those articles contains much more than 500 words, lots of images, and structurized almost like scientific international journal papers which it definitely took me more than 12 hours a day and no rest on weekends but still I cannot reach the level of those popular content creators. I actually expected that since I already knew between best writing author and best selling author back then. For example, what I should have done is take my time reading other people’s post, give constructing and/or motivating comments, get active in the communities, and do more interractions. When I started my own website, I should have finished the foundation such as the web design, the structure, and the search engine optimization (SEO). I believe the results would have been much better if I did them first before starting writing. Like now, I’m gaining more and more followers on Publish0x and my articles today almost always gain some attention compared with the first time with only one or two views. In short, you need both writing skills and marketing skills to succeed.

I knew that few months ago but I still did not do it because I have more urgency than money, which is time. I have many articles that I wanted to write since years ago but never gotten the chance and now, the chance came but may not last long. I ignored the marketing side and published as many as I can before my free time ends. Once I published everything that I wanted, I can let go but hopefully I do not have to and continue to the marketing aspect while content creating leasurely, such as going through questions in forums for example Quora and answer cryptocurrency questions with the articles I have written.

That is my passion, what is yours? Happy New Year and it is wise to reevaluate your heart or passion in this beginning of 2021.