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The Team & Headquarter and Who to Follow on Torum

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Time: 2024-07-04 06:46:42 +0000

1. Who are the teams?

There are two first things that everyone must but can do when considering any projects (not just cryptos) and that is (1) Narrative and (2) Fundamental. However, there are more things to know if we want to be safe investing in the project such as (3) the system. However, do you have the abilities to inspect the source codes and perform chain analysis? Even if you do, do you really have the time? For those who cannot, there are only two more things to rely on and those are the team and the community. Who are the teams in Torum?

If you have experienced the initial coin offerings (ICO) and decentralized finance (DeFi) craze, you probably have seen beautiful websites about the project but still even most of them perform an exit scam. You have probably learned that anyone can make a website that does not necessary mean you can trust the project but a good website does slightly increase confidence and trust but only slightly. What is important is the information contains in the website. On Torum’s about page, the team provides some social media links to their profiles which improves their trustability. After that, you can go to the end of their whitepaper to see their short biography. (For now I only take a screenshot of Torum’s about page where I originally wanted to write a section myself with grids and floating images but not all the blogging platform supports this. So what is the point of making something of less quality? I do plan to investigate and make a more detailed investigation profile about them but I am still in the phase of making articles for beginners about Torum. For investors, I may provide them far in the future but still I provided links in the 4th section.)

Eventhough the details about the team such as their profile pictures, personal informations, and certificates, they can all be fake. The next step to increase our trust in them is to make a voice call and evaluate their intentions. Even better, a video call. I was invited into their ambassadors program and got an opportunity to make a video call with some of the teams on December 2nd 2020 and here I provided some screenshots. Ofcourse, this is just my experience, if you want to verify yourselves, schedule a video call with them yourselves.

2. Where is Torum’s headquater?

Having a video call can greatly boost the trust in them but still, couldn’t we completely trust someone unless we know where they are? So, in their whitepaper, I found their company’s name to be TORUM Technology Sdn. Bhd. and searched it in Google to find their Google Map’s information which is an exclusive news because I cannot find this information on their website and whitepaper:

Up to this point, Torum have a much higher trust than most startup projects for me. For big investors, it is better to visit them if want to invest big. Once the COVID-19 Pandemic is over, why not take a vacation to Malaysia and visit their headquaters? Or if you know someone in Malaysia, why not ask them visit for you? If that is also not an option, call Malaysia’s authority and verify whether the information about Torum is true or not. Well, maybe I am considering a visit in the future when the COVID-19 Pandemic is over.

3. Almost no risk in joining Torum

torum ambassador 0fajarpurnama0

The risk to be heard is only being an investor for example when buying their XTM token in their initial exchange offering (IEO). However, there is almost no risk in joining the Torum platform and giving it a try. If you do not like it now, I still recommend you to join and comeback later when it improves. To join Torum today, you need to use my invitational link https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=0fajarpurnama0 as it is still in Public Beta phase. Here, I am writing this article as Torum ambassador @0fajarpurnama0. Even if I’m not an ambassador, I will still be writing these articles but with a different time frame, maybe once a month or three months? I hope to see you soon in Torum.

4. Who to Follow Torum?

Landers! You have just landed on Torum. Welcome! Read my previous articles to enjoy daily missions, tip other landers, join a clan, and/or make a company. Moving on to the next mission, who to follow?

Sure you can just follow everyone but unless you are a strong man like our ambassador @fetinafety, you can be overwhelmed and may not be able to enjoy Torum which can be true for all social media.

4.1 The Team

No doubt the first ones you have to follow are the teams. I provided the hyperlink here and all you have to do is right click on them and open new tab:

4.2 The Ambassadors

In my opinion, the second ones to follow are the ambassadors who are landers outside of the internal team. The first batch were chosen by @jayson and the team because they are positively active in Torum, popular crypto influencers, content creators, and anything else that bring quality which is why I am confident to announce that they are worthy to follow. Here are the latest list from December 1st, 2020:

4.3 Anyone else you enjoy

  1. Go to the active landers section and/or see the discover tab.
  2. Take a look at Torum Beginner Clan.
  3. Take a look at Torum Lander Community.
  4. Finally, join Torum Followers Clan and ask the Following King himself.